Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I'm not writing...I promised myself this break, so I'm taking it. But in the meantime, you can read what others are writing on subjects I find current and critical. Below are some links on the establishment of government unions and why we need to get rid of them. At the risk of sounding like a very hostile person, I will say that government unions are parasitic bloodsuckers full of people who care nothing about the health of the country, or their professions, but wish to kill the host in order to fatten themselves. Bloated as ticks, government unions need to be excised from the body in any way possible.

History of Public Sector Unions at Director Blue Blogspot

History of Unions in America with Beck videos on the subject

American Justice Center.com - Time to Get Rid of Government Unions
Heritage.org blog - American People Can't Afford to Lose Wisconsin

Conservative New Ager on getting rid of government unions!

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