Monday, February 7, 2011


Prime Minister of England, David Cameron spoke HERE - Article by John Frickethis past weekend on the detriments of "multiculturalism," which again reminds me of the American "Melting Pot" vs. the Tower of Babel. His speech comes on the heels of Germany's Prime Minister, Angela Merkel, who last year said something similar. Europe is suffering from the consequences of their own Socialist lab experiment where academics thought it would be just dandy to incorporate Muslims into the European societies.

In the above mentioned article, Mr. Fricke astutely points out: "
The left assigns moral equivalence to all cultures in a common cause attempt to seek socialist control of populations regardless of the nature of any totalitarian rule. The left's socialist goals require all sorts of catalysts, even those that are at odds with the left's stated platform of inclusion. In reality the only inclusion the left desires is that all people be controlled by a central government." and "But the real goal is not to use multiculturalism to encourage living separate lives, but in fact to encourage the death of traditional cultures and to ensure that destruction by attacking and demonizing the pillars of European and American society."

In years past America has been referred to, quaintly, as a "Melting Pot." Anyone who has ever put together a good pot of stew knows that the ingredients come together to create one cohesive entity. Blending for the sake of one. They would also know that some ingredients do not compliment others and must, by virtue of a discriminating palate, be left out of the stew, i.e. you don't put lime juice into a beef stew. E Pluribus Unum. Not so for "multicuralists." Multicuralists want you to think that a cohesive society can be achieved without the "melting." The academic multicuralist lab experiment is used by Socialists to facilitate the breakdown of America's laws and traditions. (as has been witnessed in Europe) That is all it is. It is being used as a stepping stone toward the ultimate goal of a Socialist Tower of Babel. In order to get there, they must first tear down individual countries, their identities, and there sovereignty. Notice, instead of celebrating America, Obama has spent his entire presidency apologizing for being American, apologizing for America. Tear it down first...."transform" America. Into what? Was anyone asking?

The Tower of Babel was a creation of a leader named Nimrod to unite the entire world. God said this would not do and struck it down. (Why do you think "Nimrod" today is an name indicating stupidity?) He, God, sent the people out to scatter into separate languages and cultures / countries where they would thrive better and within their own individual characteristics. America, while referred to as a "Melting Pot" is one of those separate countries with a distinct culture and language. But global socialists want to build a Tower of Babel, linking the entire world with "universal rights," among other things. Think the song "We Are the World" as just one pop culture item of indoctrination. No, we are NOT the world. We are Americans. We were a "Melting Pot." Now we are supposed to be some area of land made up of isolated cultures who do not mix with each other, nor compliment the whole of the stew. Multiculturalism has no commonality with a nation. It's like separate tribal states, such as exists in the very disjointed areas of Africa where war between tribes exists all the time. No cohesiveness. Constant struggles for power. Constant conflict. Which is pretty much what is being set up in Europe and in the U.S.

Muslims and Socialists seem to have decided they have a common enemy. The enemy for them is Christian and Jewish, is a capitalist, and someone who believes in the rule of American law. In the combined efforts of Muslims and Socialists, they would create a global Tower of Babel, where all peoples are enlisted to build a world wide society based on the tenets totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is what Muslims and Socialists have in common, besides the hate for Christians and Jews that is. The commonality between Muslims and Socialists is not all inclusive and eventually the Socialists and Muslims will turn on each other for power. In the interim, we are going to be facing war with Muslims for the unforeseeable future.

But for the sake of the Socialists' stepping stones, who better to facilitate the rise of a Muslim Caliphate but an American president whose father was a Muslim and is a Muslim sympathizer? How does America fight an enemy when the President of the United States does not acknowledge the threat. (Jimmy Carter redux on steroids.....see previous post)

As we are watching Egypt fall into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood and their Socialist buddies, we are witnessing the rise of a Muslim Caliphate where "all others" will be conscripted into servitude or destroyed by the Muslims. Muslims don't believe in individual rights. Period. The Muslim way is a theocracy built on some misguided superiority complex, and if you don't tow the line, you will be murdered. Muslims don't believe in "multicuralism." So if you think this rise of the Muslim Caliphate is going to result in peace between the Socialists and the Muslims, just wait for the fireworks to start on that score.

Meanwhile, it looks like the Prime Ministers Cameron and Merkel have just begun to see what Europe has wrought by inviting millions of Muslims into their midst. I fear this is a day late and a dollar short. How will they rid themselves now of the enemy withing their borders? And worse for us, the United States has adopted a laissez faire attitude toward the Muslim immigrations policies here. Oh, sure....just come on in and begin the rot and corruption of America. It might take you a hundred years...but oh, what the'll get there eventually.

Unless and until, the United States and Europe recognize the enemy that the Muslim Brotherhood represents, and the enemy that Multiculturalism of Socialists represents, we will be fighting wars and suffering the consequences of the Socialist Tower of Babel.

Right Track Article on Multiculturalism "People, consider the story of the Tower of Babel in the Bible. Whether you believe the story or not, the moral is that even then different languages caused people to separate into distinct groups. These different languages caused different cultures to develop, and that’s good. What’s not good is when one culture intrudes upon another, refuses to assimilate, and demands that the host culture accomodate the intruder’s intrusiveness."


  1. Oh if I had half of your talent i would be a happy man. That is an exceptional essay. I'm going to be making similar points in my post for tomorrow. There has been a paradigm shift. For the first time in our history , we can not define our enemy as a government of some nation. Our current enemy is for the first time a people. They are known as Muslims. If our government and many other governments in the developed world don't wake-up, the world could soon be thrown into a new Dark Age.

  2. Well, Jim, you are exactly right, I had not thought of this: "Our current enemy is for the first time a people" until you said it just that way. It's all so sad, but it is what it we need to face it.

    Fox ran some Egyptian commentary this evening from supposed everyday Egyptians saying that the idea of the Muslim Brotherhood taking power there is just a conspiracy and would not happen. I can only hope they are correct, but from Tunisia through Yemen, north to Jordan, it looks to me like a Muslim uprising.

    I also worry that our Constitutional guarantee of "Freedom of Religion" is being used against us by Muslims who hide their theocratic designs for Sharia behind a cloak of religion.

    We will have to see if we can hold firm against this.
    Thanks so much for your comment!!

  3. Excellent article! We have many lessons to learn from the situation in Egypt but more relevant is the events playing out in Europe. The nations of Europe have dabbled in this idea for long enough to see the backlash of multiculturism... America is just beginning to really open up and support this notion. We must quickly take note of Europe's failure if we are to stop this plague before we too are infected. It will be difficult to bring attention to what's happening in Europe, especially the UK, with this President. His muslim sympathizing(at the very least) behavior, world apology tours, and his constant thrashing of our European allies make it difficult for apathetic Americans to know and understand the realities of the rest of the world. Perhaps we will see a great awakening again, only time will tell, but as long as we keep watch and ring the bell, we'll awaken our friends to the threat. I like what you've got going on here at "My Tea Party Chronicle". I will be checking it in more detail today as well as your other 2 blogs. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thanks QWB...
    The Cameron speech, plus the Merkel speech last year should be warning shots to us here. But alas, we are living in fantasy land here in the US right now.
    Thanks for coming by....I hope those of us who are writing our hearts out will make a difference and wake some people up!