Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Since 2009 I have written 231 articles for this blog. As some of you know I am a fine artist by trade. Because of the political insanity we are suffering in our country, I have been distracted from my career in order to attempt to find some way to communicate what I believe to be the extremely dangerous bent toward global communism that America is facing. I've addressed the "green" insanity, the fiscal insanity, election fraud, global demons, the horrific consequences of socialism and communism, history, and just about everything in between, from local to national issues.

My career and health have been neglected to some degree to do this. Lately, I find two things to be inhibiting the goals of my writing.

One is the problem of "preaching to the choir." Those who agree have been supportive and for that I am grateful. While it is good to gather forces together for the sake of strength, the goal, for me, is to hopefully help others find reasons to understand why socialism / communism / fascism / all other totalitarian forms of government are not just wrong, but suicidal. I find that those, whose minds need this understanding, either don't care, don't read opposition commentary, or are so hell bent on national suicide that my writing is wasted on them.

The other is the problem of Libertarians. Maybe that sounds funny, but for Libertarians I don't go far enough towards their philosophies. While I am conservative in the historical, "classic liberal," Constitutional sense of government, I am not a Libertarian. That means I am NOT a neoConservative wishing to grow the power of the State over the individual, but I am not as far to the right as Libertarians. The most passionate arguments against my assertions come from Libertarians. Now I happen to think that, while there are some points of Libertarianism that fit into the Conservative model, there are differences. And no, I do not wish to go into that again here. Suffice it to say that I do not wish to spend my energies arguing with Libertarians on the Fair Tax, legalizing prostitution, legalizing drugs, shrinking the military, etc. Frankly, I am looking for solutions to those issues other than the extreme "my way or the highway" proposals brought by die-hard ideologues on these things. I find that Libertarians are as arrogant and stuck in those positions as the Bill Ayers / Cloward and Piven / communists are arrogant and stuck in their positions.

I don't wish to spend my energies beating my head against the wall. Futility is not fun, frankly. You can quote me. FUTILITY IS NOT FUN!

For the near term, going forward, I may post links to some blogs and political sites whose articles I think are important to share. There are terrifically intelligent links at the side bar for you to visit. In the meantime, there is a search bar at the top right of this blog if you wish to reference some previous articles I've written. I may find a way to limit my articles to once every two or four weeks. Not sure at this point just where I'm going with this blog....but I am going back to my easel and attempting to focus on something NOT FUTILE for a while.

Thanks for reading and all of the support....


  1. Speechless. We ain't the enemy, really. Hope all is well Cheryl and I do like your stuff.


  2. I understand it is a long hard battle, Cheryl. Jim is finding that out.

  3. Bill Bonner wrote this today, made me think of you:

    "In practice, the individual may have less ability to influence the large pool of voting numbskulls than he does to influence a single knuckleheaded autocrat. But heck, we’re all democrats now."

  4. I'm going to miss our little dialogs. I've learned a lot from your essays and I'm sure that I am not alone.
    You have to do what is right for you. I understand and respect that. When or if you do write again, please let me know.
    You're a good person, Cheryl Pass. Take care!



  5. Thank you to each of you. I hope this is just a break and not a complete retirement. I will check in with your blogs frequently.

    Keep up the good fight in my I said, I'll shoot for once or twice a month at least.
    My best to you,