Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's so lovely to think about parks and recreation. Realizing that parks and recreation are luxuries, environmentalists have, over time, decided to take a much different approach to convince the public to spend tax money on parks, greenways, trails, open areas, e.g. Realizing that luxuries are usually thrown out the window when times are tough, environmentalists figured out that they had better make themselves, parks and recreation, seem necessary in order to get funding to further their cause. Now parks and greenways, trails and open areas, are deemed necessary for clean air, clean water, and healthy living.

Please. I love parks as much as the next guy. I like to go for walks with my family and my dog. I love the great outdoors, trees, water, nature, and wildlife. I am not for paving over the entire world with concrete. That sounds like I should be a number one fan of greenways and conservation agencies. But there is a rotten fish in the country that is smelling to high heaven on the American landscape. The rotten fish is Agenda 21. And Agenda 21 has latched onto every environmentalist group and every government agency in America for subversive purposes that have nothing to do with love of the environment.

You might say, so what? Isn't it great to preserve the environment anyway? What does it matter if a United Nations plan for global socialism is the underlying motive for environmentalism? Believe me. It matters.

The United Nations has unleashed environmental radicalism across the globe for at least the last 20 years. Environmentalism has become the perfect foil for controlling the world's populations. Environmental groups in the United States, after lobbying State and Federal government, agencies and politicians relentlessly for years, have gained nearly unlimited access to our tax money to implement Agenda 21 within the United States.

Agenda 21 is the parent document that encompasses many projects. Among these are: Sustainable Development, the Wildlands Project, Biosphere Programs, and more. Under the umbrella of Sustainable Development came Smart Growth, Urban Planning for Livable Communities, Eco-Tourism, Livable Cities, e.g. Under the Wildlands Project came Biosphere Preserves, World Heritage Sites, Lands Conservancies, Our Global Neighborhood, just to name four associated types of organizations. These groups are all intertwined and have been integrated into our federal agencies and our national policies. In short, our government has been collaborating with global, environmental, soviet style, restructuring of our land uses and our freedoms. None of the groups mentioned are elected by Americans. None are concerned with the parameters of our Constitution. All are using the United Nations criteria for the environment as a guideline to force the American public into submission. And worse, they have figured out a way around our election process to do it.

Yes, the ship has left the port....the train has left the station...the plane took off....the cow is out of the barn. So now what? We know now that Agenda 21 has been insidiously infused into our government. Unlike roads, bridges and other necessary infrastructure, funded through normal channels, Agenda 21 is being funded with our taxes under the radar without our consent. In other words, your community is not deciding to create a recreational greenway by appropriating local money out of the tax bin to do it. Instead, your local councils are going to any number of cooperating government agencies to steal federal and state money for grants to do these projects. That way, you think you are getting a "goodie" from the state and the feds, and you think you don't have to pay for it. At the same time, in case you haven't noticed, the states and the federal government are broke....so far broke that the debts are in the billions and trillions. Who do you think is going to pay those debts?? The U.N.? I don't think so..... And in this process, Americans are being shut out of controlling their own lands.

What we need to do now is expose it and rid ourselves of it. That means we need to vote out politicians who have willingly sold us down the river by allowing our tax dollars to be used to undermine our Constitution. We need to stop funding grants and tax deductions for greenways, trails, open areas, and other environmental initiatives within our communities. We need to get rid of every town and city plan that has adopted Smart Growth and Sustainable Development. Why? Because the plans are not drawn up or initiated by your local councils, mayors, or commissioners. All of this is drawn up by a global cabal that has designs on making American land off limits to American ownership.

So why are they doing this? Out of the kindness of their hearts, the love of wildlife, and the adoration of our land? No. Nothing to do with such altruistic motives. It's money. And it's resources. (notice they are targeting buffers around water..creeks, lakes, rivers, etc. ) Think about it. If you can assure that Americans do not have access to the land and the resources in and on that land, who controls the land and resources? The U.N.? The Federal and State governments? It certainly isn't American citizens. Do your local councils even care about that? Or do they just care about bringing home some bacon, grabbing grant money, and walking around like silly, trophy-winning, fools?

The United Nations is all about global power over sovereign nations. What better way to get that power than to control the lands in those sovereign nations? Very clever, don't you think? And all for the supposedly sublime love of the planet. We are stupid idiots to let this happen right in front of us.

If you want to know more, there are a few more articles below. I could go on and on and on regarding this issue. While we are stewing about government unions, Islamic eruptions in the Middle East, gay marriage, abortion, government debt, murder and mayhem.....the country is being stolen out from under us.

Private Land Lockup by William Norman Grigg
Reed F. Noss, the radical “deep ecologist” who co-created the 1991 Wildlands Project proposal with Foreman, describes how the surface of North America would be covered by “an interconnected system of strictly protected areas (core reserves), surrounded by lands used for human activities compatible with conservation that put biodiversity first (buffer zones), and linked together in some way that provides for functional connectivity … across the landscape.” In both the “core” and “buffer” areas, Noss explains, “the collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans.”

Every environmental preserve — such as habitat for endangered species, national monuments, wilderness areas, or UN-designated World Heritage sites or Biosphere Reserves — is a potential Wildlands Project “core area.” Dave Foreman urges radical eco-activists on the ground to “identify existing protected areas” and have them designated core areas. They can then be connected to other core areas through “corridors” across the landscape.

Foreman also instructs eco-radicals to “look for gaps between wild lands or public lands” for future acquisition “by public agencies or by private groups like the Nature Conservancy.” Wildlands activist John Davis states that the whole purpose of this strategy is to keep “expanding wilderness until the matrix, not just the nexus, is wild” — in other words, until property owners, miners, ranchers, loggers, and others living and working in targeted areas have been driven off their lands and cattle-penned in urban reservations.

Writing in Science magazine, Charles C. Mann and Mark L. Plummer warn that as the Wildlands Project unfolds, “most roads would be closed; some would be ripped out of the landscape.” This is certainly what RMAP portends for owners of Washington forestlands. Eventually, continue Mann and Plummer, the project will require “nothing less than a transformation of America [into] an archipelago of human-inhabited islands surrounded by natural islands.” Environmental author Alston Chase bluntly warns that consummation of the Wildlands design will mean “the forced relocation of tens of millions of people … the removal of human habitation from up to half of the country’s land area.”

Judy Keeler Article-2003
"Has the environmental community become so intertwined with our elected officials, as well as our state and federal agencies, they are selling us out to a "higher order?"

Greensboro Misses Out On Greenway Grant
"GREENSBORO — Local leaders lamented the news Wednesday that Greensboro missed out on a $14.6 million federal grant that would have provided most of the money needed to complete the Downtown Greenway."
"Federal officials said they received more than 1,000 applications, totaling in excess of $19 billion."
From the same article, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood describes the idea that greenways and trails will transform how we travel to work...i.e. by foot, bike, and horse. Does that sound innovative or regressive to you?
“These are innovative, 21st century projects that will change the U.S. transportation landscape,” LaHood said in a prepared statement. “Many of these projects could not have been funded without this program.”

Project for Public Spaces This page provides a list of funding sources for greenway projects. You will see how many creative funding opportunities using tax money are out there. They do mention private donations, also, but remember even those are tax deductions reducing the tax coffers for other necessary government uses.

Biodiversity Movement in Pennsylvania This article was written 7 years ago...just to show you how deep the damage is and how long this has been going on.

Kansas City Action Plan This site just shows you how comprehensive the planning is in one city in America. Multiply that across the entire country. Ask yourself, how much of our money and resources are being used for recreation and open areas.


  1. I've got to tell you, Cheryl, your last few essays have been a real education for me. I've been following your links and trying to find out as much as I can on these groups. When I feel I have a good enough understanding, I promise I'm going to join your fight. You are doing some great work. This is the kind of stuff that few in the general public are aware of including the conservative blogosphere.

  2. Hi Jim...
    You are correct.. this particular "enemy of the state" has been so cunning and so adept at operating under the radar, that people are just completely in the dark re: the Conservancy land grabs occurring all over the country. Of course the set up is "saving the planet - environment - protecting the land - saving wildlife - healthier lifestyles," etc. In reality it is Agenda 21 stealing land in the U.S. for "biospheres - Sustaninable Development," etc. Americans are clueless and losing the land we fought for and own. Tragic.
    I hope you will go after this one, Jim. You can spread the word and get your friends on board to try to help stop this.
    Great to hear from you....hope all is well!