Friday, March 18, 2011


Since I'm down for a few days recuperating from surgery, I'm sharing here one of my favorite sources with you....
One of the best blogs on climate is Watts Up With That, created by Anthony Watts. He has the science (which is sometimes over my head), and he has the best articles explaining why global warming and CO2 are not the buggabears that the globalist socialists want you to think they are. Given Obama's energy starvation diet for the United States, Watts' site is a breath of fresh air, speaking truth to power. His site is full of valuable insight and discussions...go have a read!!

From Watts Up With That - Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach
"The best way to protect the poor from the ravages of the climate is to make them middle-class, and that takes energy. The fact that we are depriving the world’s poor of energy now, in order to save them from a hypothesized and ill-supported possible calamity fifty years from now, is a monstrous aberration of basic justice that history will rightly condemn."

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  1. Hey! Sorry to hear you are down. I'll be praying for your rapid and full recovery.

    Take your time and don't tax youself.