Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Today's buzzword is "STAKEHOLDER." You are hearing this word in comprehensive planning from your local leadership all the way up to the federal government. So who are these "STAKEHOLDERS?"

Accordiing to the online dictionary

- 3 dictionary results
the holder of the stakes of a wager.
a person or group that has an investment, share, or interest in something, as a business or industry.
Law . a person holding money or property to which two or more persons make rival claims.

Hmmmm... I think we can eliminate the #1 definition here because the subject I address is not Poker. But how about #2 and #3? #3 is not quite it because it refers to legal ownership. So, #2 it is. #2 defines who fits into schemes being presented by government officials who are "transforming" the nature of our Republic.

But lets' say you are just Joe Citizen and you see that "STAKEHOLDERS" are now on consulting boards who are making decisions on how your city is run. Excuse me? Joe Citizen used to be THE STAKEHOLDER in this process. It was Joe Citizen who elected persons to run his city. The persons elected were the decision makers. Now we find out that elected officials are conferring with "STAKEHOLDERS" to decide on all of the issues facing his city. Who are the STAKEHOLDERS?

Hint: If you don't like Facism and if you don't like crony capitalism, you are not going to like "STAKEHOLDER" government.

"Stakeholder councils are called by many names and are created for a variety of specific purposes. Whatever they are called, and whatever the stated purpose for which they are created, they all have several common characteristics, and all have a common objective: the implementation of some component of Agenda 21."Sovereignty.net

STAKEHOLDERS are the wealthy, influential leaders of corporate, business, and non-profit organizations in the community. So if Joe Citizen is not wealthy or influential by his association with one of those groups...well, Joe Citizen is no longer a STAKEHOLDER in his community. And because the STAKEHOLDERS are chosen by government officials to sit on the decision making boards, who do you think government officials are going to appoint? It isn't very likely that the government officials are going to appoint small government conservatives because government officials like big government and control. In fact, small government conservatives would not disenfranchise Joe Citizen by STAKEHOLDER COUNCILS anyway. (just google the words "stakeholder council in yourtown USA," and you will see what I mean.) So it is the Progressive Democrat / Republican politician who buys into this set up. As if Joe Citizen doesn't exist, he is out of the loop, out of the sphere of influence, and S___ out of luck.

The more public / private government deals with STAKEHOLDER COUNCILS arranged by politicians, the more Facist our government becomes and the less our citizens have to say about how our tax money is spent.

The Founders made every citizen a STAKEHOLDER in our government. The Socialists and Fascists on both the left and the right have removed the citizen from the process. So when you see the word STAKEHOLDER(s) in plans and articles about plans for your local government, remember you are not included. Our government is no longer supposed to be about you, Joe Citizen. Now it's supposed to be about who has the most money and influence in your community.

Oh, you say, that's the way it has always been anyway, so what's new under the sun? Well, not quite. Yes, wealth and position have always had influence. I don't deny it. But the voter was the trump card against that influence, preventing the steam-roller effect from running over the Joe Citizens of the country. Now we have a system in place that never makes it to the ballot box, but just implements policies based on STAKEHOLDER COUNCILS, the voter be damned.

What to do to stop this? Find candidates who understand the process has been corrupted and who will no longer rule by fiat on the basis of STAKEHOLDERS. Simple solution....not so simple to do. But if we don't stop this, the spiral of out of control government continues until our country is simply unrecognizable. It's almost there already....so get busy out there.

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