Thursday, March 3, 2011


Days like today, I wonder if most people have a clue about how much money is being stolen from them in taxes, today's taxes, and all of the future taxes to pay for the national and state debts. Learning about the electric car chargers being placed into our communities recently is reminding me of just how much of our government has been co-opted by environmentalist zealots. I mean "co-opted" because most people are unaware of the policies affecting their taxes that are being put into place. I say "zealots" because environmentalists cannot seem to put a price on unfounded scientific theories. To them, there is no limit to how much public money they will pour down the drain as long as they are getting paid for their supposed adoration of the earth. They have promoted themselves to sainthood, all the while lying and stealing to do their damage to the economic, energy, and freedom structures of our country.

If you have been reading my blog for the past two years, you know already that I am not a fan (pun intended) of wind farms. And I hope you realize from my last several posts that I am very much against using our taxes to manipulate the guaranteed property rights of our citizens. I understand using tax money for the necessary infrastructures to support our society. By that I mean enforcing non-pollution policies included along with the usual things you think of such as roads, bridges, utility access, et al. You see, I am not for polluting our resources out of existence, but I am also not an advocate for government ownership of the air, water, and land. Unfortunately, environmentalists are determined to force you and me to pay for the government appropriation of all things.

Using our tax money for boondoggles such as manufacturing smart cars, putting up electric car chargers, bought from GE as a kickback from Obama, all over our cities, and, in the case below, creating wind farms, is antithetical to the basic precepts as defined in our Constitution. In other words, manipulating tax laws to support an agenda that is obviously detrimental to our Constitution is abominable.

I don't think we can attack this problem one boondoggle at a time. What we need to do is attack the policies of subsidizing these things. We can't just go after the electric car subsidy, the car charger subsidy, the wind farm subsidy. We are going to have to elect politicians who agree that all of this is going to stop, no more subsidizing private industries with tax money. That includes ethanol among 50 thousand other subsidies. If the taxes being stolen for boondoggles were turned back to the private sector, the money would flow into the proper businesses by virtue of investing. Is that too much to ask?

From the Daily Beast on Government Subsidizing the Chevy Volt

"The media’s coverage of the electric-car sector demonstrates more than 100 years of gullibility. The gee-whiz factor of electric cars with their big batteries, small motors, and whisper-quiet locomotion appears to be so dazzling that reporters willingly give up their skepticism like star-struck groupies surrendering their panties.

That same lack of skepticism may explain why the Senate wants to throw hundreds of millions of additional dollars at electric cars without braking to consider the problems of physics and consumer demand. And those two factors are undoubtedly the biggest problems for the future of the electric-vehicle market. On a gravimetric basis, gasoline has 80 times the energy density of the best lithium-ion batteries. Of course, electric-car supporters will immediately retort that electric motors are about four times more efficient than internal combustion engines. Fine. Even with that four-fold advantage in efficiency, gasoline still has 20 times the energy density of batteries. And that is an essential advantage when it comes to automobiles, where weight, storage space, and of course range are critical considerations."

Read below to find some more information on the awesome insanity of government intrusion and theft to support wind farms:

From Anti Green Blogspot - also linked in my sidebar to the right

"Made in China turbines are shipped to the USA, trucked to their final destinations, and installed on huge concrete platforms; new backup gas generating plants are built; and hundreds of miles of new transmission lines are constructed. That means still more steel, copper, concrete, fuel and land. Moreover, the backup power plants generate more pollution and carbon dioxide than if they could simply run at full capacity, because as backups for turbines they must operate constantly but ramp up to full power, and back down, numerous times daily, in response to shifting wind speeds.

Wind farms require roads and 700-1000 ton concrete-and-rebar foundations, which affect water drainage patterns in farm country. The 300-500 foot tall turbines affect scenery, interfere with or prevent crop dusting over hundreds of acres, and kill countless birds and bats. Farmers who lease their land for wind turbines receive substantial royalty payments; neighbors are impacted, but receive no compensation.

Despite these ecological costs, wind farm projects are often fast-tracked through NEPA and other environmental review processes, and are exempted from endangered species and migratory bird laws that can result in multi-million-dollar fines for oil, gas and coal operators, for a fraction of the carnage.

Perhaps worst, all this is supported generously by renewable energy mandates, tax breaks, feed-in tariffs, “prioritized loading orders,” and other subsidies, courtesy of state and federal governments and taxpayers. In fact, wind power gets 90 times more in federal subsidies than do coal and natural gas, per megawatt-hour of electricity actually generated, according to US Energy Information Administration data. And wind-based electricity costs consumers several times more per kilowatt-hour than far more reliable electricity from coal, gas and nuclear power plants.
Simply put, the wind might be free, when it blows. But the rest of the “renewable, green, eco-friendly” wind energy system is anything but.

It might be far better all around to simply build the most efficient, lowest-polluting coal, gas and nuclear generating plants possible, let them run at full capacity 24/7/365 – and just skip the wind power.

So there it is. It is all the same insanity. Not one good reason to construct wind farms. Really. I can think of none. All of the arguments against. You can say the same for the electric car chargers popping up all over the good reason for this. Yet our government is wasting our money, our time, our energy, our lives, our lands, all to produce another bad idea that has no place in our environment or our economy. Not to mention the Constitutional question of using our taxes for such damaging policies.

We must get a grip on the environmental policies that are ripping our economy and Constitution to shreds. Question (y)our legislators. Demand the cutting of environmental incentives and subsidies supporting boondoggles and environmental insanity. Turn the country back to reasonable, responsible ownership of land by citizens. And turn the country back to private investment. The public should not be forced to take the risks for stupidity.

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