Thursday, March 29, 2012


Howard Dean was on MSNBC this morning discussing the individual mandate and related this: The individual mandate was first a Republican idea and that it came out of the Heritage Foundation. I have also learned along the campaign trail that Newt Gingrich was on board with that Heritage Foundation idea. It is obvious that Romney is on board with the individual mandate, because that is what he implemented in Massachusetts.

But wait, I remember Hillary Clinton pushing an individual mandate in the 2008 election and before. During the 2008 election, Barack Obama was against the individual mandate. His approach would be to go straight to Nationalized Healthcare and just skip the middle step. And both of them, ideologically speaking, want to get to Nationalized Healthcare. So what is going on here?

Left or Right, politicians on both sides have been happy warriors for forcing an individual mandate onto the American citizen. But the motives are from completely different perspectives. The Left wants to push the individual mandate because that way they can control every health choice Americans make. The Right wants the individual mandate in order to save the insurance industry from collapse. You see, you can't force all of the coverages and regulations onto the insurance companies without a larger pool of customers. The Left could not care less about the insurance industry. In fact, it is their goal to put the insurance industry out of business entirely and put the government in charge of everyone's health care. But the Left could not get the bill passed without protecting the insurance industry to some degree. Can you imagine the pressure on politicians from the insurance industry during the debate over this bill in 2009? How many favors promised and how much lobbying money was spent? The Left is figuring they will just take over the insurance industry through regulations and forced coverages no matter what. Once this eventually fails, the mess will land back on the government and Nationalized Healthcare will be the only option remaining.

This also explains the waivers handed out by the Obama administration. For every waiver they hand out, they cripple the insurance industry more.

All of this explains why AARP lobbied so hard for passing the bill. They wanted the individual mandate to prop up their business. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, the insurance industry figured that rather than be forced out of business immediately by a government take-over, they would play the regulation game, stay in business, but play ball with the Leftists demands for control of coverage. The only way the insurance industry can stay alive, after being forced to hand out freebies to the likes of Georgetown student,Sandra Fluke, is if more people are forced into the insurance pool through the individual mandate.

All of this is a lose-lose proposition for the American citizen who just wants to buy health insurance. The additional coverages and regulations make insurance more unaffordable for everyone. That is why you hear that more people will be forced into Medicaid under the Obamacare bill. As the price of insurance rises, eventually the whole thing collapses, the employees of insurance companies will be either out of work or go to work for the government insurance program. The Right, the minority in Congress in 2009, was trying to save insurance companies from imminent collapse by using the individual mandate, even though publicly they were saying they didn't support it. Now we find out that the Heritage Foundation, Gingrich, and others (Romney?) were supportive of an individual mandate? Why would they do that? Now you know.

The Left wants everyone forced to pay anyway, so the individual mandate is just fine with them. In all of this monstrous process, your privacy and liberty just got stuffed down the tubes. They put Nationalized medical records in the Health Care bill and also the Stimulus Bill. So some faceless federal government agency is going to take your information and control you with it. I've heard today that the IRS is gearing up, building a new building and hiring 4,000 more employees just to handle the forced payments of the Health Care bill.

I understand the need for a safety net for the indigent. In fact, I have no problem with such a safety net if someone can come up with a program that makes any sense and can't be abused. I believe that safety net was there already for the poorest of the poor. But the safety net idea is not the crux of the matter, even though that is what the Left would like you to think. Socialized / Nationalized Health Care what the Left wants. Even if the Supremes throw out the individual mandate, IF the rest of the bill stands with all of the regulations in it, the insurance industry will eventually be decimated. And once the health insurance industry is decimated as the Left wishes it to be, what happens to the entire health care industry?

Is there anything within the realm of living that the Leftists (or RINO's) have not ruined? Refer to my two previous posts if you want more of my perspective on this. The citizens of this country need to stand up and tell the federal government, their state governments, and their local governments to govern only to the most limited degree and get out of our lives.


  1. What ever happened to the American work ethic? My parents lived through the Depression and WWII. They were both blue collar workers but they taught me the work ethic. I had a successful career. My children wanted for nothing but I taught them the work ethic. I can only surmise that it is/was the socialist school system that destroyed the American work ethic. If we have to wait until we regain control of education and dis-indoctrinate two generations of young people, I fear we are lost.

    I find myself running out of ideas and things to say to motivate people. Maybe it is because I am too far removed. Maybe if I could interact with Americans face to face I could judge better what to say to them. I do envy your work with your Tea Party. That is the movement that has the best chance to change America from the local level on up. The politicians in Washington don't want to change.

    So, you give'em hell for me, Cheryl!


  2. Wow, Jim. You are hitting on a lot of what is so wrong here. Your surmise re: the school system is spot on the money for one of the biggest problems. Too few parenting skills, everyone bailing on being the adult, but coddling children to the point of ridiculousness, leaving all the parenting to the schools which were taken over by social engineering so long's a mess. Intact family statistics are bad, too, especially with the blacks. My son's wife is home-schooling their children and I am so very glad to not have them in the public school system.

    Off the rails...but we are giving it our best shot. We're (tea party here) working on getting voter guides out to the people ASAP with the upcoming primary here in May. First we have questionnaires to each candidate for state, county, and federal offices. Plus we are having a candidates forum on April 19th at our local library. Hoping to grill them.

    I'm here face to face with people, but, Jim, there are some among us who are just so blind and closed minded you can't reach them anyway. It is the others who care, but don't know what to do that we hope we can motivate to vote for the best candidates. I'll try to channel your enthusiasm and keep on working.

    Take care!! Thanks, Jim!!