Monday, March 12, 2012


That title assuredly is a simplistic statement to all of us who are following the economic rape of our representative government. Where are the voices of freedom in our political arena? The Tea Party across the nation is doing the talking. Few in elected office are speaking up for freedom. Why?

Who is funding communist policies in this country? How is that allowed? Maybe I should ask, who turned away from their constituents and stole their money and their freedoms at the same time? Who sold us out? I am speaking here mostly regarding the Republican Party. I guess I could refer to Ronald Reagan who said something about never speaking ill of a fellow Republican. Boy, has that come back to haunt us in a very bad way.

I write this because I am seeing what I hoped I would not see. Twice in the last two weeks I've been told by a politician that they don't want to speak out about the errant ideologies of other candidates because, "I will have to work with whomever wins the election." Say what? Excuse me? Both of these elected officials are in office today, and are on the ballots. This was especially aimed at other political candidates who are in the same party affiliation.

Once elected, there is a silence of club membership. New candidates, still outside of that club, seem free to condemn the policies of other candidates. But once in office, the game changes. This is like a "blood is thicker than water" mentality. Once you're in, you're in. Doesn't seem to matter which part of the legislature, the "code of silence" applies. Never speak ill of another legislator. You never know when you might want a favor.

This code doesn't seem to apply to the Democrats who take no prisoners. The left misses no opportunity to smear, denigrate, slander, and run to the media with every hateful lie they can yell at the top of their lungs. Should a Republican stand up for the Constitution or freedom, the left starts whining and screaming, calling by name, and making outlandish and ridiculous accusations. But if someone on the right in the Republican Party cooperates with the Democrats and sells out the principles of our Constitution, where is the outcry from the Republicans? The silence is deafening.

This is how the RINO's have gotten away with selling us out. Other Republicans looking the other way. Ignoring the voices of the people. Republicans ignoring, even supporting, the leftist Marxist policies ever being stuffed down our throats. The Republican Club is a great big part of the problems we face today.

Notice the marginalization of Blue Dog Democrats. Then, notice the silence from the Republicans regarding Olympia Snowe (who finally is getting out) or Susan Collins or Lindsay Graham...or Upton who is still in Congress after co-sponsoring the bill to ban incandescent light bulbs. (Richard Burr co-sponsoring the Food Safety Modernization Act) (Sue Myrick, now bowing out, but voted for the Cash For Clunkers program) On and on....

Occasionally there is a break in this pattern. Newt Gingrich represents a break in the code of silence. He managed to get a lot of conservative legislation passed under a Democrat president. And look what happened to him....unfounded accusations that forced him out. He apparently is not part of the "Republican Club." Heaven knows Republicans have gone to great lengths to try to throw him out of this election. Romney is part of the Republican Club. Santorum seems on the edge...walking both sides of the issues between his record and his rhetoric. Gingrich, however, sticks to the more conservative ideas and the Constitution. His policy recommendations are aimed at cleaning up the corruption, dismantling leftist legislations and agencies, impeaching errant judges, setting us on a course for energy abundance, and more. Shouted down. Ridiculed. By Republicans. Do you wonder why?

Washington Times article Jan. 2012
"It’s no secret that the GOP establishment backs Mitt Romney. The same folks who gave us John McCain and Bob Dole have picked their winner. When Mr. Romney is down, their panic shows. They start floating desperate ideas like late-entry candidates or a brokered convention. They also pull out the long knives for Newt Gingrich. After the former speaker’s decisive victory in South Carolina, insiders launched an all-out assault upon him. Unmasked and panicked, the GOP establishment unleashed the tactics of the left upon the right.
GOP insiders first dredged up 2-decade-old debunked partisan ethics charges that damaged Mr. Gingrich’s reputation until the Internal Revenue Service finally exonerated him."

I guess I'm stating the obvious. The Republican Party is corrupt. The Democrat Party is more corrupt. But, I think the Republican Party is why the Tea Party exists. The Republican Party is not fighting back against the left. Newt Gingrich is...and look what happens to him. (Andrew Breitbart was..and look what happened to him. Sarah Palin does...and look what happens to her.)

It's time to See the Evil, Hear the Evil, and Speak Against the Evil to both parties. If they aren't listening it is because we aren't speaking loud enough or voting our principles in large enough numbers to finally make the corruption go away. The Republican Club isn't paying enough attention. In fact, the Republican Club is trying to marginalize the Tea Party in the same way the Democrat Club has marginalized the Blue Dogs. Newt Gingrich is giving the Tea Party a voice. The Republican Party is not.

"See Evil, Hear Evil, and Speak Evil" of those who deserve it and must be voted out. It is our obligation IF we are going to start taking the country back.

(caveat to all of my Ron Paul loving friends: He is tolerated, but not taken seriously enough by the Republicans to garner the kind of serious debasing attention that Gingrich has gotten.)


  1. Bingo! Republicans are only slightly better than Democrats. All elected officials and all judges take an oath to uphold and support the constitution. They all ignore their oaths. I touched on this same subject today. You might enjoy reading the article I linked.

    The average person on Main Street America can't tell you who the Vice President is. They have no idea that our constitution is being shredded or much less why they should find that important. Today I was disappointed by some comments by followers I really respect. There saying my idea is good but the neocons and the establishment Republicans will fight us it is a nonstarter. I was flabbergasted. Maybe I expect too much of people. Maybe I'm just wrong. I wish I could find the magic words to lite a fire under people.

    So, dear friend, it might be a little lonely out there in the trenches.

    I hope all is well with you and Jim.


  2. I almost commented on your blog today, say we must be great minds thinking alike. I thought you were spot on with your assessment as well. I just went back and read through them again. The guy at the end (Country Thinker) relates what I fear most...and that is the Republican Party may be too far gone. He mentions Ohio...where I am from originally. I happen to really like John Kasich and hope he hangs on. Why would Republican establishment be gunning for him? Rats...Rinos... I guess. Corporatism is my other guess. The left / progressive Rino wing has co-opted business, just as they have co-opted everything else. That is going to make this doubly difficult....coming over to your place now to say that.

    Yes, dear friend to the is very lonely in the trenches sometimes...but I'm not giving up yet. And I'm glad you are not giving up also.

    We're good. Hope you are. It is so great to have you posting again!!! :-)

  3. We are toast-- almost, but soon I fear. Maybe we keep the Supremes. About the best we can hope for at this point. Spot on.

  4. Oh, Bunker...I wake up every day with that same sentiment. Crispy toast. The legislature is obviously nearly irrelevant at this point..though still soaking us at every turn. So much for representative Constitutional government.
    Keep after are doing great work at Bunkerville...

  5. Capon Republicans are almost as big a problem as Red Hens.

  6. You are always so creative, Bob!! ...."Capon Republicans?" I will translate that to mean "Chickens." And right you are. Chickens or turncoats..either way, big problems. Replacing these chickens is no easy job, but we are working on it as best we can.