Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was trying to think today of some facet of our lives that has not been wrecked or manipulated in some way be the Obama's and their communist / fascist / statist administration. If you can think of something, please tell me.

Categories that have been taken over and adversely affected by the federal government under the Obama administration:
Food / Farming
Banking / Monetary Policy
Land Use / Resources
Media / Communications
Business / Capitalism
Labor / Trade
Travel / TSA

In every one of those categories of American life, Obama and his minions have reached in and grabbed power to manipulate, force, co-opt, and tax. Probably more that I can't think of at this moment. And has any of this changed America for the better? Again, I can't think of anything. Not one thing. Prices continue to escalate. Unemployment is no better, if not worse in a most places. In the town I live in, unemployment is 11.6%. Tax revenues are down. County schools are scrambling to find money. Small businesses have closed, fled, or barely making it. People are on hold. Their choices more limited. Life is less hopeful. There is a pall in the air, an undercurrent of worry and darkness. I hear this and see this in the middle class around me, more than any other time in my life. People are going through the motions. Waiting and watching.

Which was the point after all. Obama was intending to destroy the middle class from the very beginning. That is what communists do.

The news media here talks of money being spent in Charlotte, NC, twenty miles away, for the coming Democrat convention at the end of the summer. Money for security. The city council has passed ordinances to tamp down any possible demonstrations that could disrupt the show. The bill just passed to stifle demonstrations was, I believe, intended for this purpose as well. The circus is coming. The circus known as Barack Hussein Obama. I dread it already. In fact, I have had a feeling of dread since 2008 when this circus began in earnest.

So what is better now, America? Anything? Are blacks any happier? Is anyone? The communist / fascist / statist left is not happier. All I read and hear is more griping and yelling about how they want more. Never enough for communists. In fact they seem even more angry than before the Obama election, if that is possible. Other than the favored corporate and banking industries, who is thriving? And are even they happier? It doesn't seem so. No one seems happy, hopeful, or eager for the future.

So what's left untouched by this darkness? Anything?


  1. A terrifc post that said it all. I suspect that everything will be done to suspend elections if there is a chance that our Marxist would not get re-elected. They have waited too long to let this slip away. They must get control of the Supreme court. Then it is finished.

  2. Thanks Bunker...I'm expecting the rest of the year will be rife with shenanigans like we've never seen. Especially expecting voter fraud, if not the suspension of the election. Blow up the middle east, declaration of martial law, who knows. Not dull, but not fun either.
    Hang on for the ride....

  3. Oh how I wish I could tell you that things would soon get better. There is no more than a small handful of elected officials in Washington that have the will to change the nation's course and I'm not sure about them. Obama is successfully tearing our country apart with is class warfare and racism. But, most importantly neither he or anyone else are willing to address our debt problem. I fear our debt and our entitlement programs will bury us in a few years. In the end, We The People have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Stay well, dear friend, keep your family close if you can. We are in for some very difficult years.

    Your friend from afar,


  4. I wish you could, too, Jim. And my same sentiments back to you. I sense things escalating. The Fla. case, the hot mike incident with Medvedev, the spin around the Supremes on Health Care, etc. I just have a sense of it getting even more weird as the year goes on...if that is possible. And you know it will because nothing is beneath the O and Co.

    We cannot blame ourselves. We, constitutional conservatives have had no say in the matters of government for so long now. Politicians have duped the country. Elected officials have thumbed their noses at their own constituents. I have not contributed to the corruption in government, and I doubt you have either. Short of armed insurrection...what could we have possibly done to stop this? Nope....not taking the blame here. I and my family have been the working chumps funding this theft....but we are not to blame for what DC corruption and those in our states have done to our nation. Plus, Soros and global manipulators....what have we (you and I and the rest of the working middle class) done to deserve their wrath? Nothing.

    All that is left to do now is keep working toward this election by vetting candidates and taking Congress back along with the Presidency. If that fails to start righting the ship...then, we will see the complete destruction of the U.S. And you are will be ugly for years and years.

    That and prayer.
    Maybe you are the lucky fellow, viewing this from a distance. You know how to adapt in strange places.
    You, too, Jim....stay well. We'll just keep checking back and forth to see if we have a pulse...