Monday, March 5, 2012


When people prostitute themselves, for any reason what do you call it? You can use the euphemism of "selling out" or "selling their soul." I ask the question because it seems to me that Rush Limbaugh used the correct words in describing Sandra Fluke. I think she is a prostitute of the left, the socialist machine. She's a slut for them. (I use the words interchangeably.) She did Nancy Pelosi's bidding. Yep, I said it. I'm using the same derogatory words that people are so riled up about and that Rush is now apologizing for using.

Now you might say that because this Fluke woman is a hard core leftist, she actually isn't selling her soul, but has put her socialist soul out there to sell her beliefs. But in the process, she is selling out her womanhood and her nation. She is using her "talents," whatever they are, to sell a Marxist ideology to the public. So I still think she is a prostitute for the left. Frankly, I think all of the left deserves the derogatory word of prostitute. That is what they do. They prostitute everything. Here is definition #2 from Merriam Webster:
: to devote to corrupt for unworthy purposes : debase <prostitute one's talents>

Ms. Fluke proposed in her testimony to Congress that the rest of the country should pay for her own and others' contraceptive devices or pharmaceuticals. Her own statements about sexual activity by coeds at university, either others or her own, were shocking to those who live by moral sexual codes. I also think the words of describing her, prostitute and slut, were mild compared to what the left is throwing around out there every day at our society.

So what happens to a person who dares to speak out against the left? I read today that Rush has lost 7 advertisers because of the socialist machine going after him. Breitbart is dead. Rush will replace the corrupt advertisers who also sold their souls to the leftist smear machine. (At least I pray so.) Breitbart is still dead. But his words live on and the rest of us will do what we can to carry forth without him. The Democrat machine rolls on.

The Democrat Party is full of prostitutes. All for Marxism using Alinsky methods. I'm sorry Rush has felt it necessary to apologize. I don't believe it was necessary, but I defer to his judgment. I'm sure he has done what he feels he needs to do to restore his integrity that he feels was diminished by calling someone exactly what they are. Political correctness, as defined by the left, has smashed the English language to bits. The English language has been prostituted by people who don't want common language to bind us together. The word "prostitute" was correct. I think Rush could have used it to describe the fact that the Fluke woman was a Democrat operative and a shill for a corrupt cause. Instead he used it to describe promiscuous sexual activity...which, if you take her at her word (wanting the American public to pay for her sex life), Ms. Fluke fits that definition as well.

That's my take on the flap with Rush today. I think apologies were not warranted.


  1. And where did the estimable Ms. Fluke go to vent her displeasure? To the ever-fair and balanced Ed Schultz show. Never apologize to a leftist--it only encourages more bad behavior.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Bob. Yep, Mr. Schultz would qualify as "like minded" for Ms. Fluke. And you are right...we should learn to never apologize for the truth...especially to a leftist!

  3. I suppose Rush felt he had to apologize but I wish he hadn't. He should have stood by what he said. Now that he has accepted the left's position that he was wrong, they are piling on even more.

    Having said that, it was in my opinion a mistake for Rush to make this personal about Ms. Fluke. He has fallen to the left's trap of making the issue about women's access to contraceptive. There is no issue of access to contraceptives. The issue is that the government is operating outsidde of the constitution.

  4. Hi Jim! is too bad that Rush went down that road, but I'm a woman and I thought she deserved it. I also thought she deserved it for the semantic version I described in my post...he could have taken that road instead. And should have. You are also right that Obama is operating outside of the Constitution and that is the crux of the matter.

    Sometime along the way here, we are going to have to find a way to verbalize the "bastardization" of our nation these people are doing. We need to speak in terms people understand...without being vulgar, but somehow strong enough to get the point across. I told a talk show host in Charlotte once that the time for polite deference to these people is over...and I meant it. The talk show host had been pandering to a leftie shill. He didn't like me for calling him out on it. Just sorry it didn't work out for Rush this the way I am sure he meant it. Alas.