Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lament for the Uneducated Minds

This link is a pre-election You Tube video and now the vote is irrelevant, however, this video explains how the government screwed up the economy for the entire country. It has fun music, too! Just for fun...Go Here!
(caveat: I am not a big McCain fan at all...but this video does show that he and President Bush did try to stop this crisis from happening.)

I am dedicating this one to a close friend who just can't figure things out. I preface this with the fact that she has no computer and doesn't want one, hardly reads the newspapers, and only listens to MSNBC. She'll never see this post. She is shaking her head in disbelief and repeating the mainstream media mantras about how bad corporations and greedy capitalists are to blame for all of our woes. She wonders how did our dear devoted politicians let this happen. To her, politicians are the nanny she relies on to take care of everything. "They" are supposed to be benefactors, protectors, Santa Claus, and everything else warm and fuzzy. Need I tell you she voted for Obama? Need I tell you she thinks public / government schools are the answer to everything?

I used to tolerate this thinking as misguided and sad. I am not so tolerant these days. In fact, I am really angry that she represents a larger quantity of uneducated and thoughtless populous who want "the government" to do everything for them. Ignorance is bliss, as the saying goes. I guess it is bliss if you don't realize how that ignorance is taking down an entire country.

I have to give this example of her thinking to illustrate the point: One day she called me up to tell me about the disastrous plight of some wild horses that were being rounded up to be sent to the far east for horse meat. She knew I would be sympathetic to this because I am an animal lover. "Oh, something must be done," she implored. "This is horrible!" The ASPCA was involved in trying to save these American animals and needed money, she related to me. So I jumped on the internet, found out where to send money, and got back to her on where to send money to help the animals whose cause she was so desparately pleading. I called her with the information and boy, did I get an earful! "Oh," she said, " I didn't mean I was going to give any of my money to help them." "I meant I wanted the goverment to save them." "I can't give my own money to such things!" "The government should stop them!"

Further conversation revealed more of her thinking. She informed me that she doesn't find it necessary or compelling to give to charities because she pays taxes. Taxes, she says, are the charity of her choice. To her, "the government" is her charity organization. She believes that if "the government" will do the work, then there is no need for "charity."

Marx is dancing in his element at this moment! "From each according to his ability,to each according to his need." Force. Government force. She votes for it every time. What she really wants is the government to steal your money by force to do what she wants the government to do.

So let's say "Jimmy" wants to make himself look like a hero. Jimmy decides he wants all poor people to own houses. There's a champion idea! Well, I guess Jimmy cannot personally buy houses for all of the poor people in the country, so instead, Jimmy will create a "government" entity that will facilitate poor people to own houses. You vote for Jimmy and he will see to it that all of those poor people will be home owners! Yea!! Boy can Jimmy pat himself on the back for this one! He's a hero!!!! Oh, but wait, I forgot to tell you that Jimmy was going to take, by force, your money to buy those houses. Furthermore, Jimmy can take taxes and litigate lawsuits against those bad greedy corporations to pay for this. More of a hero!!! Wow, Jimmy is on a roll!! They'll give him a Nobel Prize for this!! He'll be the winner of accolades all over the country and the world!!

Funny how no one calls him a thief or a scam artist. Funny how the mainstream media doesn't call him what he really is, a destructive, lying, stealing, Marxist, cheat. Nevermind that the entire country is now full of bankrupt persons and businesses, thanks to Jimmy. He's a hero! He is.... Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and other democrat socialists.

And people just like the "friend" described above, voted for Jimmy and his chums, the socialist democrats (thieves) time and time again. And the really funny thing is...she just continues to shake her head and blame the bad greedy corporations and business executives. It's all their fault according to her.

I (the blogger) am in search of new friends, who, like me are going to speak up and stop this madness. And I (the blogger) hope to set some minds straight, so please pass this blog on to all who need to hear the truth. Maybe together we can start to turn the boat around and get back on track..if only we can educate some people.

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