Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Personal Tea Party

Welcome to my Tea Party!!! This is just the beginning. I'm ready if you are!

Each day I wake up, grab my tea and the newspapers, and before I've had half of the cup, I am so angry and filled with frustrations, that I find I can hardly turn myself away to get on with a normal existence. This has been an incremental slog into hell, if you ask me.....i.e. "the slippery slope," "death by a thousand cuts," one little assault after another.

In an effort to find my way through what looks to be a disastrous turn of political events, I am deciding to keep a running "chronicle" of my inner explosions regarding the state of our country. I am not young, not ancient, somewhere in between. But I have been here long enough to have some personal and historical perspective on middle class life in America and I am smart enough to see through a lot of garbage that is being thrown at Americans by politicians. I am going to vent my anger and back it up with as much truth as I can give you.

Maybe as we go along we can help each other survive what appears to me to be the worst attacks on liberty I personally have ever seen. If you have any ideas whatsoever to stop this onslaught, short of going to prison, let me know. Please do let me know. Short of millions of people marching on Washington or refusing to pay taxes, I have no idea what to do other than this blog. Hopefully I will give you some very good things to think about. I don't wish to dampen anyone's spirits, but I am going to write my heart out on issues that a lot of poor unsuspecting citizens are being duped into believing and for which they are having to pay and pay and pay.

So get yourself a cup of tea and come along with me as I vent, expose, and hopefully enlighten some Americans who just don't "get it." I'll be back soon...and remember, you are invited! :-)

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