Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thank you Mr. Wizard!

"Lifeguard at Ft. Belvoir"
Oil on Board

Here's an idea...let's scare the beejeezus out of everybody, convince them the oceans are rising, the cities will fall, the beaches will be gone, life as we know it will stop, and ...unless they give us some big bucks to stop this catastrophe, the world is going to end!!!! Grab the closest lifeguard 'cause you are going into the drink without a life raft!!!!

So Wednesday morning this week I sat down to read the latest in my morning paper, when ,taking my second gulp of tea, my eyes fell upon this headline, "Report: N.C. among most at risk to rising seas." I quote,"Rising temperatures cause ocean waters to warm and expand, like water heated in a tea kettle. (gee. I hadn't noticed the ocean boiling lately, had you ??) In addition, rising temperatures near the poles cause massive ice sheets to melt, adding to the volume of water." (Hmmmm....seems to me I remember facts to the contrary from an old television friend, Mr. Wizard!)

I kid you not...that is exactly what the newspaper article says. So how many of you friends remember Mr. Wizard? Don Herbert was his real name and he was a wonderful science expert who had a show on television sponsored by General Electric. My brother and I watched this show when we were kids and loved to practice the science experiments that Mr. Wizard shared with us all. One of those experiments was using water and ice cubes in a glass of water to exhibit the fact that when the ice melts there is the same volume of water in the glass as before the ice melts.GREAT INFORMATION HERE..PLEASE READ THIS!

Today I am so thankful for Mr. Wizard...invaluable information today, especially, when I am faced with lies, lies, and more lies staring me right in the face from the Charlotte Observer. Bet you see this all of the time in your newspapers, too. How the oceans are rising because the ice bergs are melting and the coastlines will be four feet higher by 2020 and you better watch out cause the boogie man is gonna getcha unless you fork over more taxes to the State!!! Obama, Nancy Pelosi and all of the Democrats are going to save you from the big bad boogie man....oh, by the way, this is all your fault and the boogie man is YOU!! You are doomed without Obama and Al Gore coming to save the planet!! From yourselves! (Wasn't that Pogo's line, "I've seen the enemy... and the enemy is us!)

Well, I've seen the enemy, too....and the enemy is ignorance. How many people have no clue about the water / ice volume facts? And if people don't know can they fight against the liars??? Spread the word, please, before all of our liberties are gone!!!!

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