Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Orwellian Times

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. (George Orwell)"

I finally took a deep breath and calmed down some after suffering the revelations last weekend on Soros and his forces. It was like finding a nest of termites under my house....silent predators eating away at the foundations. One comforting fact is that 59,934,786 people voted against Obama. That is nearly 60 million of us who didn't get sucked into the muck.

The real mission now has to be to spread the word, take back the Republican Party from the Rinos if possible, and get yourself prepared to counter argue with every stupid liberal you come across. Speak up. I know it is hard to confront these people. Don't be afraid to tell liberals who they really are: Socialists. They demonize you, say ugly things about capitalism, talk about Christian faith as if it is the religion of the red-neck, gun-toting fringe, act as if you are passe, make you feel about an inch tall....etc. Because of that you have to get your arguments prepared. Listen to Rush Limbaugh. Read other conservative bloggers. (a list is growing in my link list to the right) Hold your head high and keep telling yourself....59,934,786 people voted against socialism. We need more enlightened people to vote against socialism. And we need them to get smart fast!!

I did promise I would give you some more on Soros, so below are some more links. I am late coming to the revelations here....many many smart people have been onto this from as far back as 2004. I just managed to find out about this lately. If you do a google search on "Obama and Soros" you will find zillions of articles connecting the newly elected president to Soros.

Who Runs Obama's UN. Policy
Do You Know Who is Behind the Curtain?
Obama's Connections to the financial meltdown -- Soros included Graph

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