Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Bristol Palin has reminded me of how good and innocent people can get schmoozed into hoping for the best from people who do not live up to expectations.  Hope does spring eternal, as the saying goes.  

The package had all of the Madison Avenue slick that money could buy.  Good-looking guy, cute smile, slick talker, sparkling repartee, lots of energy, knows how to be presentable on camera, appealing to the opposite sex, mysterious background, and loved by media.  The hopeful marketing of a male up and comer is always attractive to the public yearning for some handsome youthful exuberance full of endless possibilities.  You might think I am talking about Levi Johnson, the on again off again boyfriend of Bristol Palin.  But no, I'm talking about Barack Obama.

The lesson for American women here is that the marketing ploys fade and sooner or later you have to look under the hood.  How many women have been sucked in by good-looking lemons, or bought a package for the package and forgot to read the ingredients?  Not sure, but from my experience, quite a lot of them.  Me, included.  To be fair, lots of men have had this experience, too.  Though I think men have a harder time admitting it. 

Elections aren't much different from decisions made in your personal life, just on a grander societal scale with national implications.  Hence we hear the phrase "buyers remorse" in discussions involving Obama.  America got caught up in the election of a can of worms in 2008.  He looked good, smiled a lot, talked in meaningless rhetorical flourishes, and promised the moon and the stars.  A public, hungry for some turn for the better, wanted to believe in fairy tales.  But as soon as the inauguration, the worms started coming out of the can.  These worms had been incubating in the dark for a long time.  Unsavory characters from radical organizations were lurking in corners and plotting the socialist take-over of America.  They attached themselves to Obama with his permission and agreement, like a party of parasites hanging onto a happy host.   First the Stimulus Bill, then Obamacare, then the Financial Reform Bill, all planned over years by socialist / Marxist demagogues.  Wiggling around and coming forth from the can over the last year and a half are Czars of various ignominious stripes who are consuming the heart of America like a tapeworm eating the heart of a dog.  And, like the Roman Coliseum audiences, there are those, who despise America, on their feet cheering the carnal feast of predators.

Buying a can of worms can be fatal or damaging beyond repair.  Or it can be a learning experience.  In a recent article, Ted Nugent slammed and hammered the American public for being so stupid in electing Obama, saying we are the problem. Article Here  In some respects, he has a few valid points.  I like Ted Nugent and his pro-American fervor.  But his article is blaming the victim, especially given what we now know about the complicit media. (media who would not be able to get away with the lies if the American public education system hadn't been corrupted for decades by Alinsky-ites and Marxists)  Yes, America should have been wiser and smarter.  But Americans have been duped and indoctrinated for a long time.  Were Americans stupid?  Or were they misled and misinformed?  The media, except for Fox News and some independent websites, was Obama's Madison Avenue.  They sold him as if he were as "American as Apple Pie," knowing all along that his agenda was totally anti-American.  Nugent's condemnation is harsh.  Like a strict parent he is admonishing our child, America, for being stupid.  Adopting his tone, I guess we are supposed to blame Bristol Palin for her lapse in judgment and condemn her entire family for allowing her to fall for a can of worms with a good-looking face.  To me, she seems a metaphor for our time.  Did she forget to read the ingredients?  Most likely, the can with the pretty face didn't publish the ingredients.  Who do you blame?  (No, Pogo, it isn't us.) Obama didn't publish his like-minded affiliations with worms.  He knew America would not buy him if he did.  Maybe, instead of admonishing and blaming ourselves, at this point we would be better served to aim our anger at the can of worms, including the complicit media.  Let's at least try to rid the system of liars, hold the media accountable, and begin the process of eliminating socialist indoctrination from the schools so the public could vote based on truth.

Now that we know what is in that Obama can of worms, can we please do the research next time, learn from the experience, and put that Obama can of worms in the incinerator to burn for all eternity?  And I hope Briston Palin can move on, too, after learning her lesson well.

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