Thursday, August 12, 2010


Elections have consequences, but did you ever guess how bad the consequences would be for suffering through the Obama presidency?  And we still have over two years to go!  How do we walk back so much damage?  I have it in my mind that when the American public can find some patriotic Constitutionalists who will bravely run for office, the American public will be happy to vote for those people.  But the job at hand is now so daunting and untenable, I can barely imagine what intrepid souls could take on the repairs of our nation.  Voting them into office...truly, that is only a first step to fixing the mess we are into up to our eyeballs.  Let's say we do find some great patriots who will put their efforts into public service, what then?  

How do you unspend money that has been stolen from Americans and flushed down the tubes on Marxist programs?  You can't unspend money.  You can change the laws.  You can undo the regulations.  But you can't unspend the money.  And that's why the last 19 months (plus Tarp in 2008) have been a wound so serious that it will take years and years to heal, if ever.  It's going to take punishing sacrifice from innocent victims of Obama's "Hope and Change" to even begin to see daylight again, if ever.  Innocent victims = you and me and all of our children.  I think Barack Obama is going to go down in history as, without a doubt, the absolute worst President of our country in nearly a hundred years.  I, for one, cannot wait to get the @#%$%^&)*&^$  and his Marxist, socialist cronies out of our White House and Congress.  

As you can see by virtue of Social Security and Medicare, once the Marxist knife has wounded the body of the nation, walking it back out, closing the wound so deep,  is near impossible.  Those two socialist set-ups have taken years to break us, but they finally have shown themselves to be the unsustainable schemes that they are.  Especially Social Security, which is neither social or secure.  If I go up to you with a weapon and force you to hand over your money, would that be a social or an anti-social act?  If I promise you that I will steal money from your children to pay for someone else's old age, does that make you feel more secure? Does unfunded liability to the tune of 110 Trillion USD (See Debt Clock) make you feel secure? Seeing the oncoming bankruptcy of Social Security and Medicare is also why Obama's healthcare is rejected by a large majority of Americans.  We may be dumb (uninformed) sometimes, but we're not stupid. While Valerie Jarrett thinks Americans are just ignorant dolts who can be duped, the American people can see quite clearly that this Obamacare fiasco is going to be the ruin of all of our healthcare, not to mention employers who will not be able to afford insurance for their employees.  We can all see the fraud and waste of stimulus money going to prop up the leftist political machine.  This week yet another 26 Billion going to unions for more circular political slush funds.

Actually, the more I think about it, the job at hand for potential political candidates is not just walking backwards,  but walking backwards uphill on ice cubes in your barefeet for hundreds of thousands of miles.  Especially since you cannot unspend the money Obama has already spent.  (Individual states are in just as much peril..thanks to Federal mandates and socialist Democrat causes.) In the business world there are shrewd operators who come in at the last second and grab up bankrupt businesses in fire sales.  Sometimes, those shrewd operators just step in to sell off the last of the pickings.  Our vulnerability now, thanks to Obama, is now such that we can't imagine what shrewd or diabolical people are showing up to feed on what is left of the carcass of America. I know that foreign companies are already grabbing the oil rigs out of our Gulf region, oil rigs that Obama has shut down and thereby putting our energy independence even more out of reach.

I hope we aren't seeing the end of America yet. We are a talented and smart and dedicated bunch, we Americans.  Can we pull our butts out of this fire?  I feel the breath of vultures and wonder what brave candidates will take on walking backwards, uphill on ice cubes.... in their barefeet....for miles and miles.  November is coming.  Do your homework, good people.

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