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I don't know what happened to RICO.  Maybe there are just too many fraudulent organizations and culprits to charge.   Also, when the culprits are in charge of the Justice Department, it's unlikely that they will charge themselves.  Organized crime in government is rampant, yet we don't hear of RICO charges against organized fraud against the public with regard to environmentalism.  For instance, Al Gore has participated in fraudulent advertising for his scam by distributing his "Inconvenient Truth" movie throughout the public education system.  Now that we know the movie is for the most part a lie, or at best unfounded speculations by so-called scientists on the take, and that Gore was disseminating this information to benefit his own investments in carbon exchange schemes, where are the Feds?  I mean really, if we are going to bring 24 counts against Rod Blagojevich for supposedly trying to sell a seat in congress, then why aren't we going after Gore for lying to congress under oath in order to sell them on Cap and Trade? 
Cap and Trade is exactly the same mechanism promoted by Enron for which Ken Lay was convicted of fraud and conspiracy.  Source  One common fraud is this:  benefit fraud, committing fraud to get government benefits. Others are: deceptions   confidence tricks   charlatanism   false advertising 

Source Remember Enron? Did you know Enron had stuffed the pockets of politicians full of money, hoping to get the U.S. to sign the Kyoto Treaty? From the Washington Post, Jan. 13, 2002 (emphasis added):
On Aug. 4, 1997, Lay and seven other energy executives met with Clinton, Gore, Rubin and other top officials at the White House to discuss ... global warming ... there was broad consensus in favor of an emissions-trading system.
An internal memo said the Kyoto agreement, if implemented, would "do more to promote Enron's business than almost any other regulatory initiative outside of restructuring the energy and natural gas industries in Europe and the United States.
Ken Lay was convicted of doing exactly what Al Gore is doing.  Yet our government officials not only pat Gore on the back, but give him a legal pass on fraud.  

Since Cap and Trade legislation got placed on the back-burner temporarily, Obama has gone round the bush and directed his EPA Dept. to declare CO2 a pollutant.  By doing this, he is laying the groundwork for Cap and Trade legislation before he loses the majority in congress.  Lame duck session, anyone?  The point is that he can use the "CO2 is a pollutant" lie as the convincing argument to pass Cap and Trade.  The point is also that even without Cap and Trade, the government can regulate industries, fine them, and generally make life miserable for everyone involved in creating energy for our country.  Further, this makes life miserable for consumers who are going to pay through the nose to keep their refrigerators in use. This is FRAUD.  And it has little or nothing to do with protecting the environment, but everything to do with using our tax dollars, Federal money and force, to pay back lobbyists and emission trading companies who paid politicians to pass Cap and Trade.  Al Gore for one.  They can make life so difficult through regulations that industries will be begging for Cap and Trade just to find some way to pay off the extortionists in the Federal government.  This will cause higher energy costs to the consumers who will ultimately pay for the schemes.  That's you and me, folks. 

So we come to find out that Obama and his friends have set up an Enron-like organization in Chicago called the Chicago Climate Exchange.  Should Obama pick up his pen to sign Cap and Trade into law, the RICO enforcers should step in and nab him right then and there.  If only...

Congress is now considering a bill submitted by California Rep. Henry Waxman and Massachusetts Rep. Edward Markey that would use a cap-and-trade scheme to cut carbon emissions by 20 percent from their 2005 levels by 2020 and 83 percent by 2050. So far, the bill avoids the hard questions of how offset credits would be issued as well as how gas emission would be measured. But it does establish that credits and offsets be traded. If it is imposed, the Chicago Climate Exchange, the only carbon trading market in the nation, could be a major beneficiary because of its expertise on putting a value on carbon and its offsets.

Here are the players and their roles:
Joyce Foundation – A group founded in 1948 that took a sharp turn to the left after it's founder, Beatrice Joyce Kean died in 1972.
Barack Obama – President of the United States and one time Board member of the Joyce Foundation. Largely responsible for creating the Chicago Climate Exchange by funneling money to it from the Joyce Foundation.
Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) – An exchange dealing exclusively with Cap and Trade passes, techonology, etc. It was formed largely due to Obama's role as Board member on Joyce Foundation. Obama oversaw the funneling of money from that foundation to the CCX as well as to an entity headed by Bill Ayers' brother.
Valerie Jarrett – Senior advisor to Barack Obama and current Board member on the Joyce Foundation.
Al Gore – Founder of London-based Generation Investment Management (GIM). London also happens to be in the same country where climategate broke. GIM owns 10% of the CCX.
Goldman Sachs – Banking giant that, like Gore, owns 10% of the CCX. Also worthy of note is that at least six former Goldman Sachs executives work inside the Obama administration while Congress puts on a dog and pony show, publicly chastising other Goldman execs about their supposed complicity in the financial crisis.
Franklin Raines – Former head of Fannie Mae. While there, Raines used taxpayer dollars from Fannie Mae to purchase cap and trade technology.

(Note: the Cap and Trade technology that Franklin Raines bought with our money is Smart Meters, the gadgets the Federal government is planning to put on your house and mine to control our individual energy usage.  Don't you love it when they use our own money against us?) 
In fact, since we know that "CO2 is a pollutant" is a total lie, why can't we nab Carol Browner, the Climate and Energy Czarina, Lisa Jackson, the EPA Czar, Obama and his buddies in this cute little enterprise and put them under lock and key for about, oh say, 75 years apiece?  After all, are they not defrauding the public to throw our tax dollars at the Chicago Climate Exchange, their carbon trading Enron-like machine?  Ken Lay must be screaming from his grave.  I wonder if he just didn't have enough money to buy off the government.  The Joyce Foundation, Goldman Sachs, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have a lot more money than Ken Lay ever dreamed of.  C'mon, Elliot Ness.  Where are you?

Watch out for the lame duck session because payback is still in the works.  Cap and Trade, i.e. Kneecap and Tax, has not gone away.  It will cripple the United States even further than the Obama administration has already.  The "mob" doesn't go away.  It just looks for an opportunity to hit the "mark."  We're the "mark." They have not given up on this scheme to defraud the public.  RICO anyone? 

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