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Since Bernanke is scheduled to make announcements on the Federal Reserve policies today, my mind has turned to financial questions.  Not schooled in economics, I have but the basic financial skills to get through life and hopefully survive.  Most of us are flying blind in the high stakes game of earning and shepherding our money.  It isn't simple.  It's complicated.  The system is set up and controlled at the whims of financiers who pull strings behind the scenes of the banking world.  This makes me uncomfortable.  Really uncomfortable.  Why do I care?  Because our country is on the chess board of world finance and is being check-mated by the Queen.  Who is the Queen?  Soros.  (yes, I know that is gender weird, but power is power and in chess the Queen has it.)  And no, I'm not dumb enough to think Soros is operating alone.  Working through the Federal Reserve bankers, he has a network of money changers in the world banking industry, Bernanke being one of them, and he is raking in billions on the fall of nations.  Our financial status as a nation is being run by Soros and Co. connected to the Federal Reserve.   Our future is depending on a particular skill of Mr. Soros to leverage hedge funds, and how he uses his skill and profits to ruin companies, nations, and peoples' lives.  Our tax dollars are going to pay profits into the very banks that are making Bernanke, Soros, and the Federal Reserve richer than God.

You and I might have a few thousand dollars put away to cushion our lives and retirement.  There are those who will take that money we've put into banks, savings, and stocks, use it against the country, cause inflation and deflation, cause industries to crash, and create an environment that only works for them and not us.  This is not paranoia on my part.  I've come to this by doing research and asking questions.  (Once again, Pogo, I've seen the enemy and it is NOT us.)

Just a few things to consider:
1. Keeping interest rates low benefits the banks.  You would not think that.. if you think of banks as just lenders.  You would think the banks would love high Fed rates which push the overall interest rates up, so they can lend at higher rates.  Not.  The banks are borrowers first.  They borrow from the Federal Reserve at low rates and then turn around and make higher rates on lending, or on other investments such as buying government bonds that are paid by the tax payers.  For instance, the bank borrows from the Fed at 1/2 % and then buys government bonds with that money and gets a return of 2 and 1/2 %  or the latest rate.  How does this benefit the Federal Reserve?  The Federal Reserve board is made up of .....bank owners. It's a circular fraud that is being perpetrated on the American tax payers...who are paying taxes into the government which are then used as payment back to the Federal Reserve bankers.  Debt producing policy anyone?  Yes, you can buy a government bond, but you can't borrow at 1/2 % to buy that bond. 
"This can be very profitable indeed for the big Wall Street banks, but the purpose of the near-zero interest rates was supposed to be to get the banks to lend again. Instead, they are investing this virtually interest-free money in risk-free government bonds, on which we the taxpayers are paying 2.5% interest; or are using the money to engage in the same sort of unregulated speculation that nearly brought down the economy in 2008, or to buy up smaller local banks, or to pay “outrageous bonuses to their top executives.” Even when banks do deign to use their nearly-interest-free funds to support loans, they do not pass these very low rates on to borrowers. The fed funds rate was lowered by 5% between August 2007 and December 2008; yet the 30 year fixed mortgage rate dropped less than 1%, from 6.75% to only about 6%."

2. Buy low, sell high is the rule of business and banking.  Good idea unless there is gouging and fraud involved.  Usury is the word used for abuse in money matters.  Holding a nation's money supply for the purpose of causing the fall of the nation is maybe not a new idea, but it is what we are experiencing.  When is manipulating the money supply usury?  We are there.

3. When is using our tax money to enrich foreign bankers good for American solvency and sovereignty?  While Obama is out there proclaiming his desire to get America out of debt, his policies are doing quite the opposite while enriching his buddy George Soros who sits behind the scenes on the board of a foreign bank, raking it in on Obama's money policies.  As Mr. Soros himself said last year, "I'm having a very good crisis."  He took in 1.1 billion over 2008.

4. Soros hates America and makes no secret of that.  His Quantum Fund has offices in New York, but Soros' Quantum Fund is conveniently based off shore for secrecy and tax evasion.  While Soros' Quantum Fund is being used to take down companies, Soros then turns around and uses the profits for taking down nations.  He is really good at this.

Just before the 2008 election, there was a run on Washington Mutual.  The run on the money supply that last week was $550 billion and happened in less than 2 hours.  Not a coincidence.  Orchestrated.  Would you like to guess who orchestrated that?  Because Soros has a tremendous cloak of secrecy surrounding his dealings and partnerships, we are likely to be left guessing.  I'd say we have an "educated" guess. 

Since Woodrow Wilson established the Federal Reserve Banking System and placed our economic liberty at peril by that act, we have been sold out by our national leaders at varying degrees over time until now.  These leaders are enemies within.  (Only two Presidents have gone up against the bankers; JFK and Lincoln.  And  you can see what happened to them.)  Our money system is so entangled with foreign manipulators and so vulnerable to enemies of the U.S. that I wonder how we, the U.S. will ever untangle the mess and put our financial dealings on firm footing.    I doubt seriously that anyone making it to the Presidency in this day and time can get there without selling their soul to the Federal Reserve.  And that puts our futures at the mercy of money changers.  

There is little we, individual, middle class, country folk can do to protect ourselves from the financial shrapnel in this war against America.  Some are buying gold.  Some are buying safes for their homes.  Some are on their knees praying.  Some are sitting there watching and waiting and holding onto what little they have.  Some are doing all of those things.  In the long run, we will see and feel the impact of money policies being drawn up to benefit the Federal Reserve, not us.

I believe there is such a thing as righteous anger.  Jesus displayed this at times, the most dramatic of which is his rage against the money changers at the Temple.  You can see why God's wrath was directed to those benefiting themselves from usury.  At this point in time, I'd say righteous anger is justified by all of us concerned with saving our country. 

"In the ancient world, the usurer quickly became owner of most of the country and had all the silver and gold. Then the peasants became slaves or revolted. Under the paper system, the final collapse can be postponed by printing more fake money. Inflation is the handmaid of the paper system. It is economic warfare, and more deadly than an invading army, because it comes from the enemy within."

Hat tips to: Great Article on JFK and The Federal Reserve by Anthony Wayne

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