Saturday, August 14, 2010


When did Americans start voting for Socialists?  I mean deliberately putting Socialists into positions of power in our government.  Was it during the era of Woodrow Wilson who proclaimed himself a "progressive?"  Was it during FDR whose economic policies were Socialist programs?  Maybe a better question is why would Americans vote for known Socialists.  Is it because Socialists have been calling themselves Democrats and/or Progressives, so that Americans are clueless on the ideology of the candidates?  What is Mel Watt?  Is he a "Progressive" or is he a "Socialist."  There is no difference between the two, so who cares?  He is listed as a member of the Democrat Socialist Caucus, The Progressive Black Caucus, or the Socialist Party of America, or any of the names associated therein.  

That being said, it has just recently hit a few news blogs that the Socialist Party of America has revealed that 70 of their members are in the United States Congress.  American Thinker is one  No surprise to me.  I discovered that information last year as I went looking for help in understanding where in the world Congress is getting these anti-American Marxist wing-nuts.  The official name of the group at the time was the Congressional Progressive Caucus.  

A question that seems so obvious that I don't see anyone asking is this, "Since each of the 70, members of the Socialist Party of America, Congresspersons is sworn to uphold the U.S. Constitution, why does anyone believe for one minute that a Marxist / Socialist is interested in doing just that?" And since 70 are known, how many exist that are unknown to us?  (Please come back, Joe McCarthy!) Does anyone now who has watched Obama for the last 19 months think he is really interested in upholding the U.S. Constitution?  As Nancy Pelosi laughed and asked, "Are you serious?" at the question, "Where is that found in the Constitution?" Does anyone think anyone in Congress is really interested in the oath they took?  I wonder how they look in the mirror or sleep at night.

Back and forth, round and round, spinning we go.  Used to be Liberals are sometimes Progressives and now they are Socialists.  The last few years I've heard pundits and politicians saying it just isn't nice to call someone unAmerican because of their political beliefs.  When I hear that I want to do a "Glenn Beck" and imagine blood shooting out of my eyes.  My reaction is, "Say what?"  If someone believes in Marxism / Socialism, sorry Charlie, but they are NOT Americans.  Americans don't believe in social justice, redistribution of wealth, the end justifies the means, or any of the other insane tenets of Marxism / Socialism.  

I guess the big news since Obama was elected and Newsweek proclaimed us all Socialists, that it just seems ducky to admit that there are Socialists all over our government, and in our academies, and taking over our churches and institutions.  Mainstreaming Socialism is the 'cause du jour.'  Americanizing Socialism once and for all?  Out of the closet and into the mainstream of America?  I don't think so.  Please say it isn't so.  While Obama's ratings plummet and Americans catch on that he is implementing anything but American values, this attempt at mainstreaming Socialism is not going down well with the rest of America. 

Mel Watt has been elected to nine terms in Congress.  That's 9 terms already.  An admitted socialist,  he is opposed to oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the bottomless pits of taxpayer funded mortgages.  He is opposed to auditing the Federal Reserve or any transparency connected to that.   He has voted lockstep with Nancy Pelosi's and Obama's agenda of bankrupting the country, taking over our health care, taking over banks, taking over car companies, the financial reform bill, all the bidding of Socialists.  Yet Charlotteans have continually voted this guy into office.  Has Charlotte turned into a Marxist State?  Is it a race thing?  Just exactly what makes people vote for an anti-American Socialist? 

By the way, as the American Thinker article points out, " the Progressive Caucus works hand in glove with George Soros funded 'Progressive Challenge,' which is a project of the hard left Institute for Policy Studies." Soros funds a litany of Socialist projects and groups targeting America, yet has made billions as a capitalist hedge fund manager.  If Mel Watt knows from where his bread is buttered, knows the Socialist funding is mainly from Soros, (and one would assume that he does.) what makes Charlotte think he is voting for American principles or for the people of Charlotte?  Maybe that is a stupid question...maybe Charlotte doesn't really care about that....maybe 70 outright Marxists / Socialists in Congress is no big deal.  

Maybe I'll go mop the blood off my eyes now...and think nice thoughts of Glenn Beck who seems to be doing the best job in major media of blowing the whistle on Obama's Crime, Inc., the Soros connections, and the Marxist attempt at wrecking our nation.

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