Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Remembering the Death of Mary Jo Kopechne

The tragic death of Mary Jo Kopechne is the reason for my sadness today. Ted Kennedy's death is nothing more than a reminder to me of the life he callously took with careless drunken selfishness and then his subsequent escape from responsibility for what he did. I can only imagine the feelings of Mary Jo Kopechne's family throughout the years as the media and the liberals go on and on "lionizing" a disgusting self-indulgent power monger. It makes me sick to watch eulogies of him, partly because I despise all he stood for, but especially because he skated away from the responsibility of taking that life. It is so typically liberal to make excuses and never pay the consequences for their own serious offenses. What the left wing statist media today calls an accident was an act of selfish vehicular manslaughter, the price for which Kennedy never paid. The hypocrisy of the left is embodied in this incident and beyond, evidenced by Kennedy posing as a moralist in the Senate for years and years. The tragedy of Mary Jo Kopechne belongs to America....because the person responsible for her death was put on a pedestal in our country and treated like royalty. That is a real tragedy.

One is supposed to not speak ill of the dead. I, personally, cannot think of one nice thing to say regarding Ted Kennedy. So I am breaking with societal rules on this occasion because I will never forget his actions 40 years ago that took the life of a young woman named Mary Jo Kopechne.

For a very insightful article on this subject from another blogger: Go Here to "the other McCain"

May she rest in peace....

Addendum: After posting this I found a stellar perspective regarding Ted Kennedy's death at American Thinker. You can find a link to American Thinker on my sidebar.

Aside: You can bet on the liberal left to now push Obamacare as Teddycare and they will try to make the public and the congress to feel guilty in opposition to memorializing Ted Kennedy. It's really sad when the media and the government politicize our individual lives to reach their own goals of controlling Americans. No time elapsed between Kennedy's death and using him to gain their schemes of denying people autonomy regarding their own health care. Especially this is sad because what they are pushing is a long way away from the superior medical care that Kennedy received during his own health crisis. If you ask Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's favorite doctor/medical expert, people Ted Kennedy's age would have been given a pain pill and told to go die quietly.

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