Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Consider the Source

This one qualifies as a rant...venting venting venting.....Go....

In my previous post I explained that "news sources" are not necessarily what they seem. As my very inner sense of outrage each day with this group of thugs running our government continues, I look for common sense and sanity across the internet to assuage my angst. Today I came across a site which contains a very concise explanation of the Health Care plans in our Congress today. Here is a link to this great site with all you need to know: Common Sense from a Common Man Please go there and read his is definitely worth your time. I appreciate it very much that this person actually read the bill and consolidated it into common language for all of us to see what these snakes are up to. The daily papers and the TV news are so full of twisted and biased reporting on the Health Care nightmare, that it isn't easy for every day folks to get real answers.

Another very enlightening blog post explaining the Obama-nightmare-care is from a great guy whose blog is linked on my side bar as Cranky George. This one is really good! To read more truth about what your "dear leader" has in mind for you...go here: Cutting Through The Fog

What do you expect when stupid people elect thugs and criminals and tax cheats into our government? The source of the current power grab in the Federal Government is brought to you by people who hate America. It was so easy to see prior to the election, yet utopian dreamers, who can't tell their butts from a hole in the ground, refused to take the Rev. Wright, Bill Ayers, George Soros connections seriously. Stupid idiots elected this communist and his buddies into our government. Idiots. All of them. As Marx would say, "Useful Idiots!"

Believe me when I tell you, you must think the worst and know your thoughts are right on the money. Your worst nightmares have come to fruition thanks to the stupidity of Americans who got sucked into voting for Obamanazis and his henchmen. Between the Stimulus Charade, the Health Care Bills, Cap and Tax Schemes, the Bailouts, the Car Company take-overs, the corrupt media outlets, the STAGED press conferences and town halls.....the lies, lies, and more lies....I'm not feeling too optimistic for my childrens' futures..or my own for that matter.

I don't have a country at this point. My country is gone....replaced by some totally insane totalitarians. Worse yet, voted in by really stupid people. My Dad fought in WWII to save a lot of people from this very kind of tyranny. My son now serves in North Korea to keep South Koreans and the rest of us from an insane dictator. While he works to keep us "free," our country has been taken over by the same type of tyrannical godfather of control, a dictatorial regime, a leader who acts like a very egotistical used-car salesman. I wonder to myself what bullets and blades will save us this time. We are the ones in need of saving....and I can't see who, if not the freedom loving individuals among us, will step up to wrench this country back from the brink of complete disaster. We need a serious revolution here. FAST!

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