Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't Just Take My Word For It!

In trying to bring to this blog the most helpful information for you to absorb, I place not just my opinions, but opinions and facts from others whom I respect. I am including in today's post a letter from a doctor / friend who has written a very sincere letter to share his concerns over Obama's plans for a health care take-over of our lives. This doctor / friend is not just any old fellow of letters....John Rosemond is a psychologist, an author of books, a syndicated columnist, a sought after speaker, a husband, a father, and a grandfather....and a musician on occasions.

Having read his columns for years, and upon occasion stumbled across him at either the grocery or a local restaurant, we have come to know each other recently through the cause of preserving our country for our children and their children. I respect his opinions.

I know John carefully phrased his words to explain how dire the situation is and to frame his argument as diplomatically as possible. He and I are both of the same thoughts when facing Marxists who wish to deliberately and methodically take charge of our very lives. I appreciate his letter and he has allowed me to share it with you. In it he references Ms. Betsy McCaughey, chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths and former Lt. Governor of New York State. I will provide a link to her report at the end of John's letter below.

John's letter:

"ladies and gentlemen, friends and acquaintances, liberals, conservatives, independents, and those of you who fit none of the above categories...

i am alarmed...more than alarmed, in fact, but alarmed will do for the obama administration's...including his colleagues in the house and senate...determination to overhaul america's health care system. they seem determined to take a system that needs some fixing, which could be significantly done through tort reform, which is not part of the plan (for reasons having undoubtedly to do with the fact that trial lawyers overwhelmingly vote democrat), and break it, and then impose a system built on the ideal socialist model, which is to say, a system that values the interests of the state over the interests of the individual.

both the declaration and the constitution affirm that the state is subordinate to the people. within the democrat health care model, the people are subordinate to the state. much has been written about "death panels," "involuntary euthanasia," and the like, all of which has provoked defensive outrage from the left of the aisle as well as the president himself.

i believe america hangs in the balance. i believe obama is a sincere individual, but he is seriously misguided, and he is seriously underqualified for the position he now holds. he has no business, for example, being in charge of our nation's defense. as for his health care plan, he obfuscates, he spins, he charms. he does everything but tell the truth to the american people.

the article below is from the wall street journal. it is well-researched and well-written. it appeals to the brain, not the emotions, but it will provoke an emotional reaction. it certainly did with me. i think it's the face of things to come, if we give this man and his colleagues their way with us.

you will read that dr. emanuel, obama's closest health care advisor, believes the hippocratic oath to be outdated. that would be the statist position, since the oath holds that the individual's interests should dictate medical treatment. you will read that dr. emanuel holds that health care is a "scarce" resource that should be apportioned according to an individual's value to society. "scarce" is the operative word in mr. emanuel's argument. if the supposed scarcity of a resource is reason enough for unequal rationing based on an individual's calculated value to society (i.e. the state), then the same argument could be made concerning food. if the government succeeds at taking control of our health care system, then it is capable of taking control of our food distribution system, in which case it is reasonable to foresee that more food stamps would be allotted to my 40 year old son than to 62 year old me, even though we are the same weight.

dr. emanuel's statements speak for themselves. obama and the dems will complain that they are taken out of context. most americans won't read them, so many americans will believe what they are told to believe. please read, and please draw your own conclusions. personally, i fail to see how anyone with a functional brain and an intelligence quotient above 90 could conclude anything other than that george orwell's prophecies, while he may have been hasty, are almost upon us.

if you think i'm a mean-spirited right-wing nut job who can't stand it that a black man occupies the white house, so be it. in which case, just send me an email requesting that you be taken off this list.

if you think everyone needs to be alerted as to obama's real purposes, then send this along to as many people as you can.

God help us all. but first, let's help ourselves."

john rosemond

Betsy McCaughey's Article in the Wall Street Journal

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