Saturday, August 15, 2009

Obama's Town Halls

It's a slow weekend here, so I actually took the time to watch both of them...the one in Montana and the one in Colorado. I have a few random thoughts.

The first thought is that he keeps bringing up the UPS, Fed Ex, Post Office analogy. I think that is hilarious. I happen to love the U.S. Post Office, but it is running on a deficit. It's broke, folks. Just like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security...the Post Office can't run on a budget that works. So that must be just what we need, yet another massive government program that will drive us farther into debt. Yep...that's just the ticket.

Oh, yeah, he says he won't go for it unless it is "deficit neutral." I guess he means just like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security were supposed to pay for themselves, too...right? And I have a bridge in Arizona I want to sell you, too. How many times do we go down the same wrong way street 'til we realize it is the WRONG WAY???

The second thing that always gets to me as I hear him say, "Let me be perfectly clear," or , "The fact of the matter is" is that he is such a used car salesman. He keeps saying, "We don't want to pull the plug on Grandma, we just want to help everybody have health care." What he refuses to acknowledge is that the government has no way to pay for good health care for everyone, so there WILL be rationing. There are not enough doctors in our system to take on half of the 'so called' 47 million people he is talking about covering. And the government is planning, according to the bills, to mandate who can get what kind of care from whom and where. There is NO DOUBT about this if you read the bills.

Socializing any more health care in this country is suicidal....not just to Grandma...but to our country. The last several years, including George Bush, have run our country into such high debt that my grandchildren and their children are likely never to see the end of it. The banking infrastructure was ruined by Carter and Clinton. The energy sector has been ruined by environmental idiots in our government. The manufacturing sector has been ruined by bad trade deals, high taxes, and super regulations by our government. So now they want to drain the health care sector dry and take over your life and death decisions. This is the last straw, folks. It will ruin us.

So I watch him take soft ball questions and get gushing sycophants to tell him how "great" he is in these town halls and I sit there and ask myself, who are these people??? No one gets a follow-up question. He doesn't really address serious questions. He just keeps saying the same talking points and tries to make fun of the very vocal opponents....who, by the way, can't get near one of these town halls to ask him anything. Who, in our great country, is so dumb to swallow this stuff??? I don't get it, folks. I really don't. I cannot imagine that so many people in our country have gotten so gullible that they will follow a used car salesman straight into hell. The problem for those of us with brains is that we are stuck in the same pool with those of us taking us down.

The only encouraging thing I did take in this Saturday was on CSPAN. It was two hours of conservative speakers at a meeting for sponsored by Americans for Prosperity. Michelle Malkin gave me some hope. Jim Pinkerton gave a great speech. Grover Norquist was awesome. So was Phil Kerpen. At least there are some very smart folks who see what is coming at us and giving us some hope of stopping the train wreck. Or maybe slowing down the derailing somewhat. At this point it will take a hundred years to get past the damage this man has done in 7 months.

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