Friday, August 14, 2009

Taking a Deep Breath

Benjamin Hummel Cartoon
You can see him at: Benjamin Hummel

Read Benjamin's revealing and thoughtful post on this at his website. It starts like this:
"In a recent teleconference, Barack Obama said that he would greatly reduce the amount of charitable tax deductions individuals and businesses who make over $250K can make on their tax returns in order to help pay for his health care plan. What a horribly conceived idea. This move will cripple many nonprofits across the nation."

There is no end to the theft of the that they have the force of the Federal Government behind them. Take from the rich, give to the poor. What you don't know is that we are all too rich for Obama's taste (including the middle and lower middle class) and he will not stop until he has taken the whole country down. He wants it all and he is greasing the skids to get it all.

This cartoon reminds me of a conversation I once had with one of those "useful idiots," a former friend of mine who LUVS Obama so much that she told me she could not speak to me anymore. This former friend explained to me that she didn't believe in charities because that's what her taxes were for. Her entire view on the subject was that she didn't want to have to think about other people in need, but let "Big Brother" take care of that for her. Evidently she has found her soul mate in the person claiming the Presidency. God forbid she would actually contribute something of her own volition to alleviate some need somewhere.

So there you are. The stress level from following the sad and frustrating news regarding the modus operandi in the Obama administration really got to me this week. Good thing you weren't within earshot for the grouchy words I have found myself uttering...not like me... yelling back at the tv, and grumbling under my breath, clenching my teeth and growling out loud. Are we having fun yet? How's that hope and change work'n out for ya all out there??

So today's latest is that the thugs arranged a force of some sort to yank advertisers from the Glenn Beck show. Chicago mob tactics, anyone?? How dare Glenn Beck speak the truth! Why, how dare anyone actually expose the 'community organizer,' and the gang leaders of arm-twisting creeps they really are! Indeed. The "Audacity" of it all. My My...we are playing hard ball now, aren't we Mr. Tingle up the Leg Chris Matthews? Kill the competition. Kill free speech...unless of course the speech flatters the socialist in chief. Then it's o.k.

The socialist in chief now has a new implanted into the FCC. This guy is figuring out how to tax conservative talk radio into oblivion. The plan is to take the equivalent of operating capital out of companies such as Premier Radio and hand it over to the socialist's only "fair" you know. The taxes of course are supposed to pay for NPR and other public sycophants. Can we call this economic rape? I think so.

No freedom of speech....OMG....Excuse me while I go get the bottle of ipecac again....

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