Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Calling Donald Trump

Now you know I've lost my mind......and after I wrote all of the post below, I learned on the news tonight that Ghaddafi managed to rent someplace on Trump property for his Muslim tent....so maybe this is not such a hot idea after all.

9/24/09 BUT WAIT...BUT WAIT....The Donald threw the bum out!!!! See I knew he had it in him....
So below is what I wrote originally on Trump. I'm looking for James Bond, Superman, and Indiana Jones all in one guy to save America. In a lot of ways, Donald Trump is America!

I was sitting here thinking about what can be done to stop the Bilderburgers, Soros, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Federal Reserve, and only God knows if it is the Illuminati from the destruction of our country that they are orchestrating. What came to my mind was...."money." Ethics, too, of course. But we need money to fight money. Who loves capitalism? Trump! His name is perfect. We can call this the "Trump Card."

The thing about Donald Trump is that he loves entrepreneurism. Is that a word? He loves freedom and the pursuit of independence. He loves a good fight. He never gives up. He has a dramatic public persona. And, this may seem funny, but I believe he is a sincere person. I know he has played politics with some shady characters...namely Hillary Clinton. But I think he's been around the block. He knows how to play hard ball. He's not someone's puppet. He is his own man. And he must be interested in the subject of power politics because he is coming up with a new show based on electing a U.S. President. (Great minds think alike) He announced this in July and I only just found this out. Since the country is all agog over political insanity these days, Trump has his finger on the pulse of the public in surmising we are all fed up and wanting to fix this damn mess.

I am not suggesting he run for president. I am suggesting we need him to help find a president and back a real American for president. I haven't discussed this with The Donald, but I would if I could. I'd love to interview him and find out his views on how we can get America back on track. I bet he would nail it....he would go right to the heart of it and go after it like a tiger.

Now I know he is not as rich as Soros, Brzezinski, or the Queen of England. But he has something of great value....and that is guts! He has some money and lots of guts!!! I say we could do worse.

If any of you happen to know Donald Trump, ask him to email me, would you??? I have some great suggestions for his show and wonder if he would do the search for real. We need someone...why not Trump?

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