Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Repeat a lie often enough.....

Well, you know the rest of that line. If you repeat a lie long and often enough, sooner or later people will begin to believe it. I think the Big O has practiced that technique all of his life. He must have.... he sure is good at it. He does it every time he opens his mouth. Now this week we have a Big O binge on the mainstream news outlets, the night-time shows, etc. He loves to lie to the public so much that you just about can't get away from him....try as you might.

Anyway, I am grabbing some great writing from a guy on Big Hollywood this time. Joseph C. Phillips writes:

"The new left asserts the noble claim that healthcare is a right. A right by definition requires nothing of anyone else except that they do nothing to infringe upon that right. To claim healthcare as a right requires more than that others step out of the way; it requires that others provide it. The rather sticky moral question of how one secures the right of one man to healthcare by violating the right to private property of another is never addressed. Instead those that question the shaky philosophical underpinnings are called evil, heartless Neanderthals that would withhold Chemotherapy from dying children. (Again the fact that our alternative might actually provide more sick children with Chemotherapy thus saving more lives is irrelevant. Intentions count more than results.)

Ohh to be a member of the new left; virtue is only one platitude away.

If healthcare is a right then certainly so must be housing, food and clothing. In order to meet all these new found rights Government must expand and so must its power. This is the new world order the left seeks.

But where will it end? If every need a citizen has, every tragic circumstance he may face – every “should not” is to be addressed by a positive government obligation we will soon find ourselves awash in government without end. We will find ourselves slaves – contented slaves but slaves nonetheless- going to the polls, still believing we are practicing something called democracy. The good news is we will be feeling pretty good about ourselves."

The word "right" has been so bastardized by the liberal / socialist / left, that it is thrown around like a frisbie just to convince people of some government entitlement that does not exist. Sadly, the uneducated are numerous enough, evidently, that many in our country are buying it. I would congratulate the public schools for dumbing people down to the point that they are clueless on the subject of the U.S. Constitution. Obama loves this. It's like the perfect storm. All things are lined up in favor of the liar.

What more can I say...except these are sad and dire times. The best weapon against the liar is the truth. But if a large number of the public doesn't know the truth.....well, there you go....

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