Thursday, September 10, 2009


How much power do your want the "liar in chief" to have? The other day I came across a news item on Drudge that I had not heard before .....that Obama is being placed as the Chair of the U.N. Security Council. Whoa.....I guess being the illegitimate President of the U. S. is not enough for our 'dear leader.' The global Socialists and power mad such as Soros, the Bilderburgers, the Annenburgs and the Tides Foundation, etc. are, no doubt, sipping champagne and sunning on their yachts while enjoying the absolute desecration of the only free country in the world. While the "liar in chief" has us all distracted and worried over what in the hell is going to happen to our health care....he's busy taking over the Security Council at the U.N. I guess America isn't a big enough platform or we don't have enough problems already, the big O finds it necessary to undermine our country both from within and without.

Today I found a comment from someone on The Real Barack Obama It's worth a second to read this man's opinion below. And then ask yourselves if you think you can continue your lives as usual with the knowledge that our country has been taken over by a coup. Really? Yes. Really! Wise up out there. We are either going to have to go into survival mode or we are going to have to fight back. Maybe both...take your pick.

From Pete Koelliker:
"Most of the world is already screaming for a new base currency. This is music to our president’s considerable ears. Obama will become the first American president to chair the UN’s 15-member Security Council this month. This is where everything from ‘global warming’ to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is expected to be resolved. Then, I read this headline on Drudge yesterday morning: “UN wants new global currency to replace dollar…” Does anyone out there really think that Barrack Obama is going to the United Nations to defend the U.S. dollar? I have a nice bridge I’d like to sell to anyone who does.

Allow me to predict that he’ll endorse (in principle) the UN sponsored ‘global currency’ idea which will make us wards of the UN and subject to UN taxation. He will apologize; he will throw Israel under the bus. He will say all this and more to huge applause from the elite members of this august world body – and with barely a whimper from Congress and the American press. "

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