Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Pooh Pooh." says the left. "Those of you who oppose have to be 'racists," says the left. "Astroturf," says the left. "We won, you lost," says the left. "Bitter clingers," says the left. There seems no end to the name calling and divisiveness being thrown at the American public by the left. It is now at the point of laughable ridiculousness. I guess they think if they scream out "racist" at the opponents of their socialist / fascist agenda, then people will be afraid to speak up for fear of being called a "racist." So here's the deal.....

I oppose Obama on ideology. I oppose Obama on Constitutional grounds. (I will be backing that up even more in future posts.) I oppose Obama because I love the founding principles of America and he represents none of them. So call me a "racist." Go ahead, Jimmah me names and act like you are somehow in any position to know my heart. Carter, the useful idiot, just keeps supporting the anti-constitutional infiltrators of our country. Jimmy Carter is about as American as Leon Trotsky.

So call me a "racist" and I will call you a "communist." (speaking to Carter and Obama) Tit for tat. But my call is about governmental ideology and by implication says you are aligned with a diabolical usurpation of my liberty. The "racist" call is about making someone out to be some morally destitute, despicable individual. Carter has no place in this country. He does not represent anybody or anything that is American. The "racist" business is like saying, "$$#@@@^&$ Yo Momma." It is so stupid and out of place here that I can't even believe that this many years after Martin Luther King that anyone still uses the word as a weapon. It's childish, inappropriate to the discussion, and shows us so much more about the person brandishing that word than the person who is the target of the word.

Carter is completely ineffectual as far as I'm concerned. He carries zero weight in this world these days....yet he thinks he does. Maybe he ate too many of those peanuts. Frankly I only wish he had stayed in the peanut business. He is truly laughable. And if it weren't for the fact that he is the idiot who set up the Community Reinvestment Act which has been the downfall of our banking industry, I'd be laughing. Unfortunately, Carter is like a very bad joke and laughing isn't so easy when the stakes are so high.

My opposition is not just "whistling dixie," Mr. Carter. My opposition is true and moral and is grounded in liberty for all of us.

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