Monday, September 28, 2009


I grabbed the graph below from American Thinker Their source was the Washington Post who used CBO data.

I can't help but wonder why those Obama voters last fall didn't see this coming...or if they just didn't care enough to see what was right in front of their faces. I wonder if they just hate America so much, thanks to years of "progressive" Alinsky indoctrination, that they deliberately took the axe to our country. I have to think some of them were just blind, deaf, and dumb. But after all I've seen in the last year I believe a lot of them are premeditated murderers of America. It's hard for me to understand this....but the proof is in the they say. And the pudding is right here in front of your face below. The death of our country in just a few short months. RIP America....Bled to death in 2009. Children are now enslaved for generations to come while Al Gore gets rich, while Soros gets richer, while Obama keeps massaging his own ego, while.....well, you get the idea. The mafia couldn't have succeeded better than this.......foreign enemies could not have done a better job than this.....all of it from within. This graph should be on the front page of every newspaper and newscast all over the country.

Source: The Washington Post, using data from the Congressional Budget Office and White House Office of Management and Budget.

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