Monday, September 28, 2009

Propaganda as Love Letters

So Ken Burns is coming out with his PBS series on the National Parks, ironically, at the same time Michael Moore comes out with his absurd attack on Capitalism. Which reminds me of Cyrano DeBergerac.....
How did I make that connection, you might be asking?

Cyrano DeBergerac was a very adept writer of love letters. He was an unattractive man - read Moore and Burns - and he wrote love letters to convince a reluctant love interest - read America - that she should fall in love with some handsome guy - read Obama. The handsome guy paid DeBergerac to convince the lady of his flaming passions for her, thereby swaying her attentions. But in the end, it was DeBergerac who won the lady's hand. The propagandist won out. ( In the case of the love story, you are rooting for the unattractive guy to win....and it is through his words you see what his heart desires.

Literally speaking, it was DeBergerac's writings on behalf of the insincere fellow that made the basis for proxy....which is what we have today. i.e. Obama co-opting the NEA for propaganda, government money propping up PBS to promote propaganda for .....gee....government purposes, and then George Soros, the ultimate ugly guy, using Michael Moore, another ugly guy, undermining the free flow of capitalism to enrich....the ugly guys.

In fact, Michael Moore's movie is called, "Capitalism" A Love Story. (tongue in cheek, obviously) Burns' is an obvious "love story" about how Big Government has saved all of the National Parks from the greedy private interests and, therefore, you must celebrate that.

Hmmmmm....maybe they took that Cyrano DeBergerac a bit too seriously. In today's analogy, Obama is the attractive front man / suiter using the ugly guys to promote his cause. But the end game is the agenda of the ugly guys....and I don't think I like what the ugly guys are pushing in this fable. It sure isn't "true love." It's tyranny of big government....plain and simple.

Watch out for those ugly guys....and the pretty face in front of them.


  1. The parallels between the century plus National Park struggle against the opposing commercial interests and the prior 60+ year struggle for universal health care against the same opposing commercial interests are incredible. In both cases the money-driven special interest groups have few logical arguments, so they resorts the favorite tactic of propagandist, namely fear mongering.

  2. Just caught your comment...thanks for visiting! Yep, it is a tug of war between opposing factions and the American people seem to be caught in the middle. Your argument is exactly why the Federal government should stay the heck out of health care...the government IS "the money-driven special interest group" that gives people no recourse, where the private market does not force people to buy from them or pay them.
    I've read recently that Clinton turned over the National Parks to the UN for some Bio-sphere project and that we no longer own those National Treasures. This deserves some serious scrutiny if true.