Monday, July 19, 2010


Years went by after the 1960's when most of us out here in the middle earth of the United States did not hear of the Black Panthers or the Weather Underground. I guess they were "sleeper cells" hanging out with themselves and planning their next coup, away from the press and away from mainstream Americans. Now we know they morphed, like the bacteria that morph and learn to adapt after a patient has had too much anti-biotic....or like the staph infections that turn into worse staph infections that aren't killed off with normal levels of anti-biotics. I do blame the journalists of America for knowing about this and not bringing it forth into the light of public discourse. A very few in the media did make the connections of Barack Obama to the Weather Underground before the election, but the majority of the press just pooh-poohed the idea and went about promoting their messiah. Then, in office, Obama pulls out all of the stops to protect the New Black Panthers in a voter intimidation case and we find out he has all kinds of radicals, from maoists to communists, named into Czar positions. But I digress.

Now we get "Brown Berets. According to Wikipedia "The Brown Berets is a Chicano nationalist activist group of young Mexican Americans that emerged during the Chicano Movement in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s to the present day. The group was modeled on the Black Panther Party[citation needed] and inspired by the Black Panthers, American Indian Movement, Young Lords, anti-war movement(s), Cesar Chavez, the Farm Workers movement, Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzales, Reies Tijerina and revolutionary movements around the world. The group was seen as part of the Third Movement for Liberation. The Brown Berets focuses on community organizing against police brutality and are in favor of educational equality. As a decentralized movement, several groups have been quite active since the passage of California Proposition 187, carrying on the militant stance and paramilitary garb of the original movement. Units exist in most sections of California and a few in other southwesten states. They primarily serve as a visible symbol of historical Raza resolve at demonstrations and political parades."

La Raza in English means "The Race." So here we have another militant race-based organization rearing their ugly heads in the era of Obama demanding that white Americans are racist and should leave the country that "really belongs to Mexicanos." Or brown skinned peoples. At this rate, soon we will have American Indians rising up to go on a rampage against white Americans, too. Hmmm....dare I ask, who is racist here?

So 2008 Barack Obama came into office pronouncing he would unite the country. A funny thing must have happened on the way to the forum (White House) because all we hear now are blacks and latinos screaming "racist" at all of white Americans. That is not my idea of uniting America. Someone is giving these people the idea that it is just fine and dandy to start some race riots, to stir things up, to goad and push and provoke. Is Barack Obama uniting the country? Or is he encouraging minorities to turn America into another version of the 1960's all over again? To what end this time? As Barack Obama himself said, the Civil Rights Act did not go far enough to suit him. He will not be happy until white people in America are completely marginalized and or all of their assets seized and turned over to minority groups.

(To the one latino friend I have had in my life who voted for this what you have in mind for the country that offered you the cushy life in which to raise your children? Really?)

Below is just one more example of how united we have become. And the DOJ will not prosecute this as hate can bet on that.

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