Monday, July 19, 2010


Yep, those Brits know all about renewable energy. We should follow their lead and make America just like the European model of Cap and Trade. It's the hip thing to do. Our children will love living like those smart Europeans. Gee, I wonder if Gore's newly acquired 9 mil$ house is going to suffer brownouts and blackouts. I wonder if his children and grandchildren will be downsizing and living in huts with peat fires to keep warm. Do you suppose his children only use compact fluorescent light bulbs? What sort of cars do they drive? I wonder if the Gore fleet of private jets is being sent to the compactor for scrap metals. Yeah, European there is a great way to live. By all means....let's follow the Obams into the abyss. Great idea!!

Remember those old stories from grandparents who said, "I walked five miles in the blinding snow to get to school." Now we will have grandchildren saying they walked miles in the freezing dark to save the planet. They will be asking their parents (that's us), "What was it like when you had air-conditioning in summer and warm houses in winter with beautiful lights to read by??" "What was it like when you got to drive carpools with five other kids in a mini-van to go to school?"
See below!!

News release at Big

Today’s Daily Express (London) opens with a stark reminder that there are consequences to the foolishness being crammed down on you now — and which will be voted upon in the Senate, we are told, at the end of this month.

BRITAIN faces years of blackouts and soaring electricity bills because of the drive toward green power, a leading energy expert warned last night.

A growing obsession with global warming and “renewable” sources threatens the stability of our supply.

Derek Birkett, a former Grid Control Engineer who has a lifetime’s experience in electricity supply throughout Britain, warned that the cost of the crisis could match that of the recent banking collapse.

And he claimed that renewable energy expectations were now nothing more than “dangerous illusions” which would hit consumers hard in the pocket.


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