Saturday, July 17, 2010


I found the most articulate description of our circumstances on The American Spectator website The article is written by Angelo M. Codevilla. It is a very readable, however long, dissertation on the history of how we have landed into an era of corrupt aristocracy that the Founders abhorred and tried their best to avoid. It is well worth your time to read excerpt below:

"By making economic rules dependent on discretion, our bipartisan ruling class teaches that prosperity is to be bought with the coin of political support. Thus in the 1990s and 2000s, as Democrats and Republicans forced banks to make loans for houses to people and at rates they would not otherwise have considered, builders and investors had every reason to make as much money as they could from the ensuing inflation of housing prices. When the bubble burst, only those connected with the ruling class at the bottom and at the top were bailed out. "

"Similarly, by taxing the use of carbon fuels and subsidizing "alternative energy," our ruling class created arguably the world's biggest opportunity for making money out of things that few if any would buy absent its intervention. The ethanol industry and its ensuing diversions of wealth exist exclusively because of subsidies. The prospect of legislation that would put a price on carbon emissions and allot certain amounts to certain companies set off a feeding frenzy among large companies to show support for a "green agenda," because such allotments would be worth tens of billions of dollars. That is why companies hired some 2,500 lobbyists in 2009 to deepen their involvement in "climate change." At the very least, such involvement profits them by making them into privileged collectors of carbon taxes. Any "green jobs" thus created are by definition creatures of subsidies -- that is, of privilege. What effect creating such privileges may have on "global warming" is debatable. But it surely increases the number of people dependent on the ruling class, and teaches Americans that satisfying that class is a surer way of making a living than producing goods and services that people want to buy."

When Progressives of either party use the power of taxation to exalt themselves, annihilate the Constitution, pick winners and losers, and create the "pay to play" game, we are ALL LOSERS. America has become the worst of what we knew as the Soviet Union. It is disgusting and unforgivable. And those participating in this "fundamental transformation" of America should be tried for treason. However, the Progressives own the Judicial branch, the Legislative branch, and the Executive branch....therefore no one will be tried and punished for ruining our country.

Our elections have been violated by criminals. Literally. We have discovered this week that Al Franken was elected by felons who voted illegally in Minnesota. Can you spell A C O R N, anyone? What have we come to when a comedian gets elected to the United States Senate by felons voting illegally? What a country. Or should I what country do we reside? (hint: Chicago is not a country) (This election will not be judicially over-turned in spite of this fraud....why? Because Obama owns the Judicial branch of the government. Can you spell ERIC HOLDER?) Those of us, now lacking the uncorrupted power of our own votes, just sigh and wonder....why vote? Since affirmative action our electoral districts are gerrymandered to ignore "one person, one vote." The electoral system has been rigged by Progressives. Without undoing this, our elections will henceforth be corrupted to suit the "ruling class." The law, which used to stand between us and the corrupt, now is so broken that we have no Lady Justice to hold our virtues. Our Lady is no longer blind, but she has been made into a thug for the privileged ruling class, twisted and bribed and crumpled into a useless hunk of historical ideology that no longer applies to us.

I had a conversation with a lawyer once.....a lawyer who actually had some level of honesty I had not seen before from a lawyer....who, when I groused over the unfairness of the opposition to my case, said, " If you are looking for justice, you won't find it on this earth or in this county." "You 'll have to look beyond this life." Naive as I was at the time, I was shocked at this revelation. I now see so clearly what he meant. And, I am grateful to him for handing me that bit of reality....though unhappy for the knowledge.

Read the will find the tangled web of bondage woven around us by a "ruling class" which sneaked up through public schools and universities and are now strangling the life out of the American people and our way of life. They are parasites who will eventually kill the host and then.....they will cannibalize the world. The knowledge in the article is enlightening, as it should be. But it is not comforting. The "ruling class" is so entrenched that our knowing does not daunt them. They mock and laugh and thrust the economic knives in harder than ever. Theirs is arrogance at the pinnacle of power.

It is our turn to take that power away and put down their not so "soft revolution" of aristocracy. We will either take back America or we will be suffocated into extinction. It's a choice.


  1. "Metamorphosed" ACORN is Running the $20 Billion Gulf Oil Fund. SHOCKING deets are at:

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  2. Thanks to you SPN ....Good parody and I enjoyed perusing around your site! Does art follow life or vice versa? Your art may indeed be both!!