Tuesday, July 6, 2010


First, random facts: The cause of most bird deaths in the U.S. is electrical wires. The second cause of bird deaths is.....CATS.

Now that would lead you to believe that I am for eliminating all electrical wires and....CATS. (Furry little murderers) This also might lead you to believe that I am for adding 50 g'zillion million solar panels in the desert and 50 trillion million giant windmills across the plains. But you would be wrong.

Growing up in Ohio, I witnessed controversies over clear-cutting and coal mining operations which devastated the forested hills. Scars on the landscape. Blights on our views. Devastation of habitats. That was then. Now mining operations have improved their methods. They are forbidden to pollute the waters. They are required to put the landscape back after gleaning our much needed fossil fuels. And though years have gone by, fossil fuels are still the best and preferred source of energy. I believe this will be the case until or unless some incredible technology allows us to create energy out of thin air. Energy has to come from some earthly substance. And it needs to come from a source that is abundant enough to fuel a lot of homes and industries. (assuming we will have any industries left in this country after the socialists get through with their diabolical efforts to shut us down)

Wind is the answer? As I have posted before on this subject, wind turbines take more energy to produce than they will ever create. Not only that, they take huge swaths of land. Not only that, they kill migratory birds and raptors because they are placed into landscapes that are on migratory paths, landscapes which have the wind to power eagles and hawks on their way.

From the Financial Post, June 30

"The sprawling $475-million Wolfe Island facility in Frontenac Township off the shores of Kingston, Ont., features 86 wind turbine generators capable of producing 197.8 MW at full capacity — which never occurs because wind is intermittent. The first of two monitoring reports to date, released in February, documented 45 bird fatalities and 45 bat fatalities during May 2009 and June 2009."

"Colliding with blades is hardly the only risk wind power poses to birds and bats. Researchers have also found that the construction of wind farms and associated infrastructure (e.g., buildings, roads and electrical transmission lines) renders wide swaths of habitat less suitable for birds.

"Wind farms also require large plots of open land — an estimated 2.5 acres per turbine, on average. As a result, a variety of wildlife also is affected."

Back to my thoughts here:
"There is nothing new under the sun," says the Bible (Ecclesiastes 1:9) and said my mother who liked to remind me of that passage often. The "Green" movement, which is actually Communist Red on the inside (AKA watermelons), would have you swallow the idea that being "green" means no wildlife will be adversely affected by their energy methods. They would like you to think they are creating some "new" and better way of living. Yet what they promote is no better. More to the point, their schemes are worse for all creatures great and small. They are creating a hostile environment for BOTH people and wildlife. (Witness mercury laden CFL's)

While all of us are seeing the tragedy of the pelicans and turtles in the Gulf of Mexico adversely affected by the BP oil spill, the gut reaction is to exclaim all oil is bad, all fossil fuels are evil, and the "Greenies" have been right all along to eliminate fossil fuels from our lives. This is nonsense of the highest degree. I suggest we must keep the facts in perspective and not react as impulsive children to do things that will make our lives worse and ALSO make things worse or just as bad for wildlife. God has allowed us fossil fuels to use for our benefit. Fossil fuels are not evil. However, some people are evil and will use emotions to unravel civilization. As God has told us, "There is nothing new under the sun."

By Dr. Richard Swier
Do You Know How Many Birds Are Killed By Wind Turbines?"
By Dr. Richard Swier | 06/06/10 | 08:39 AM EDT

"I always love it when the main stream media shows pictures of birds covered in oil. On the front pages of major new papers and on TV we see the constant reminder of oil covered birds. It is the ultimate environmentalist's symbol of evil oil killing the innocent bird.

That is fine but do you know how many birds are killed each year by the environmentalists favorite clean energy alternatives - wind farms and wind turbines?

According to the St. Petersburg Times PolitiFact.com:

The latest independent reports estimate the number of birds killed by wind turbines at about 100,000 per year. That's according to a 2007 report from the National Research Council called "Environmental Impacts of Wind-Energy Projects."

The American Bird Conservancy estimated in 2003 that between 10,000 and 40,000 birds were killed each year at wind farms across the country, about 80 percent of which were songbirds and 10 percent birds of prey.

"With the increased capacity over the last seven years, we now estimate that 100,000 – 300,000 birds are killed by wind turbines each year," said Conservancy spokesman Robert Johns.

By our math, that comes to 274 to 822 birds a day killed by wind farms across the country. [Emphasis added]"

This statistic is surely a low estimate and will only increase exponentially as the turbines increase their visual and environmental blight on our landscapes. The only answer to this is to stop allowing them to be erected on our precious lands. Good luck with that as long as Obama kisses the sorry rears of his "green" benefactors.

Another great article on the devastation of birds by wind turbines here


  1. Hi Cheryl..You are eloquent as usual but i hope that you are not saying that we should not take care of our earth..What you say about the birds is something that i had not considered before..I see that enviromentally it could present a problem. I think personally that the wind turbines are a clumsy way of investigating alternative sources of engery.I remember from as far back as a kid( about 100 years) :) the goverment has been talking about the development of alternative engery sources and appropriating hundreds of millions of dollars for this. all these years we have not made significant progress in this area..?? why do you think??? What happened to the money??..the programs??..the research?? I think as our population on this planet grows we need to all take care of our resourses as well as we can..
    ( not to surcum to a con job)! I remember listening to Rush one day on the radio when he poo pooed the devistation of the ancient rainforests by saying "the ancient woods are to make furnature for you and I. What???
    Sounds a little crazy to me! regardless of party.
    Still this goverment and all it stands for seems to the the most bizare thing i have ever witnessed in the USA. It assults everything the founders intended this country to be, in my view, and I mistrust their motives for anything they do..when they dooooo anything at all! This oil spill has me crazy!
    take care,

  2. Hi Carl...This is a subject that hits all of my hot buttons! It is unbelievable to me that if one is logically arguing against a stupid policy that means one must be against the environment. Not sure why you would think my article is negative against the environment when I am plainly saying I am concerned about these windmills killing birds. What I am saying is that wind turbines are a travesty against the environment, create less power than it takes to manufacture them, create visual blights, are devastating noise pollution, and generally are one of the worst, idiotic, boondoggles ever perpetrated on the public. Also, the government has NO business being in the energy business. This should be left to private enterprise with the government creating reasonable rules for environmental safety. Unfortunately, the government always rules on the extreme side of things with the environmentalists....a la the snail darter in the San Joaquin valley in California has completely annihilated thousands of farms, shutting down entire industries, losing thousands and thousands of jobs, and leaving us without those farms to sustain our domestic food supply. I heard yesterday that now over 51% of our food supply is being imported from other countries. Tell me, please, what is environmentally sound about that? That statistic is without a doubt indicative of what our government is doing to our ability to survive and is the dumbest thing you can do environmentally.

    Your question on why we have not made significant progress on alternative energies....my answer: because you cannot replace the efficiency and availability of fossil fuels. It is not likely that there is an alternative for oil or coal or hydroelectric, etc. And since Obama has just trashed NASA, any space exploration and experimentation for energy sources is off the table.

    As for Rush, I have listened to him for years and know absolutely that you have misunderstood his statement. He is a Christian and believes, as do I, that God gave us dominion over the earth. The animals are not for our destruction, but are for our use as we need sustenance from them. Trees are a renewable resource. If you want plastic furniture...guess what...that comes from oil. If you want metal furniture...guess what...that comes from ore being mined and fabricated in industrial plants. (My other article..cite:"There is no such thing as carbon neutral") In other words, you can't make something out of nothing. And God gave us resources we should use wisely and be grateful for having.

    If you wish to know more about the bird killing aspect of the wind turbines...take a look at the website below from NY. Wind turbines are a scam, sham, travesty, and should be banned. These are not little Dutch windmills...these are cuisinarts in the air. I have nothing nice to say about them.


    P.S. The oil spill will resolve eventually. Fewer birds are affected by it than the wind turbines. And the BP accident is an anomaly, never happened before in the history of deep water drilling. I am not convinced that it was not sabotage by environmentalists...but even if that is not the case, it is a lesson for future drilling. If we were allowed to drill in shallower and safer places...this would not have happened. But the socialists/government/environmentalists won't let us because they wish to starve us of fossil fuel energy. America has been too successful for their tastes and they want to take us down. People need to wake up out there....this Obama administration and other progressive socialists in our government are in the business of taking America down. That is the goal.

  3. Hi Cheryl....It is always nice to hear from you !:)
    Although I think we have somewhat different procpectives I think we are on the same track in terms of understanding that we are facing a multidimentional problem as a people, as a planet and here at home politically; this being just presenting enviromental issues.
    At present it is true that we do not have a
    reasonable alternative for oil or coal or hydroelectric but I am hoping that we can develop technology that is more efficent and cleaner for the future. My hot button ( and we all have them) here is the colossal waste of money and time that we have experienced ,just in my lifetime for engery research!
    As for that statement from Rush ..although i cannot play it for you I did not forget it because it was so outragous, for me..plastic and metal funiture all have no bearing on the systematic distruction of the ancient forests..do you realize with our new technology how much forest can be cleared in a single day? It is really astounding.Should we cut it just because we can??
    The on going oil spill, "on going" being operative here , makes me sick. The way it is being handled..the lack of info..the attempts by Obama to Conceal information..and regardless of why it happened it is contunuing to pump doing who knows how much future damage.
    Well Cheryl..I am hoping, even praying, that we as a nation can heal and go forward with the spirt of greatness that we once had.
    good to have you for a side kick :)
    take care always,

  4. Carl, Hey...
    We should cut only what we need and replant. As for ancient, I am not for tearing down the redwood forest. Maybe you haven't read all of my eco posts and I don't know how to put them up in categories so you could go back to them. I've made the point before that you are making... that wasted efforts are going to take us under...such as shutting down the sugar plantations in Florida for the sake of alligators when there are 23 alligators for every resident in Florida. Also the increased use of Palm oil which is devastating the landscape in tropical areas. Obviously I do not hate the environment...however environmentalists are not reasonable people.
    Planet hysteria is not helping anyone and is causing idiots to jump off into an abyss...such as shutting down all oil drilling in the gulf.

    I just want reason and logic to win this one.
    Hope you are doing great..