Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Thinking aloud here...this is for a friend (and some others) who are feeling discouraged by current events...experiencing extreme Obama fatigue....feeling as if taken over by a coup of aliens and Czars...I express this for him and for all....

We are overwhelmed. (We...meaning the public as a whole and individuals)

How much information is enough? Action = Reaction? Consequences of actions? Look beyond the immediate reaction to the underlying consequences of actions. How many steps beyond the immediate should you look? How many actions are taken just for immediate gratification or for the purpose of "feel good" results despite the consequences? If you look beyond the immediate, would you be more careful? If you find out the "feel good" action actually costs too dearly in consequences, would you still do it? Is the public capable of actually looking at the consequences when they are being inundated with "feel good" messages? Can people take the time to research every government action in order to realize the truth behind these actions? If you find the consequences are too many to comprehend, are you hamstrung into inaction?

Take healthcare, for instance. The utopian "feel good" idea is that everyone on the planet will have healthcare professionals taking care of them. Is that possible? Is trying to implement that going to cost too much money and the freedom to choose your healthcare professionals? Is government force the way to utopia? Did God promise utopia on Earth? Did God tell you that you are in charge of everyone's healthcare, so you have His permission to force people into your utopia? Is looking after your family, friends and neighbors translated into stealing from some strangers to pay for their medical care? (inferior care, at that) Can people even comprehend the consequences of socialized medicine? Or would they rather jump onto the "feel good" wagon and pretend that socialized society will solve healthcare problems. And trust me...the utopian vision of single payer healthcare is a lie that only wrecks people's lives and takes individual choices completely out of the picture. The same people who are all about choosing abortion will not let you choose your insurance or doctor. Where do you think that ends, folks? Eugenics, anyone?

Take energy, for instance. The utopian idea is that energy will flow from sources that require little to no effort and have no adverse impact on the earth. So crazed environmentalists want people to use no energy to fuel their 21st century lives, want zero carbon emissions, want earth at its wildest, most people-less condition. Ideas emerge on the "feel good" side of the issues. Wind, solar, compact fluorescent lightbulbs, biomass fuels, electric cars, etc. None of these "feel good" supposed solutions are without consequences. All of them take more energy to produce than the desired outcome of less energy or carbon emissions. Most of them create worse environmental consequences than the "dreaded" maligned oil industry. The "feel good" solutions are not solutions at all. But is the public capable of understanding this? If you are working your tail off to pay bills and taxes, do you have time to study all of the information available to help you understand the truth?

Take education, for instance. Good Lord....I don't think I can even address the problems we are facing in public education thanks to socialist utopians who have co-opted that part of our society. This one is so far gone and so bad that all I can think is how grateful I am that my children made it through school before it went entirely into the tank.

Take race relations, for instance. I thought the idea was we would not care about skin colors, but measure our relationships based on the content of character. I guess the American black population didn't get that message after all. (May Martin Luther King rest in peace) Instead we have groups of race oriented supremacists, each into their own colors, running around spewing hate and fear just as before MLK came with his message. Honestly, I thought, after the civil rights affirmative action laws, we (America) had finished this demon off forever amen. Now it goes on and on and on and some just can't get enough of victim-hood and get on with their lives. It seems that affirmative action, while may have put a bandaid on a wound, only served to exacerbate a victim-mentality and make the recipients yell for more. Like a kidnapper who gets a ransom payment, but keeps demanding MORE MORE MORE. I want to yell....get over it already. Enough. Move on. Get past it. Your life is wasted living on past grudges involving people who lived 100 years ago. Today's Americans had nothing to do with the problems of today's people of color. Do you want individual equality or collective ransoms? One you you are guaranteed in the Constitution. The other is outright theft from innocent people.

So it is as if all bets are off. Everything you thought you knew is thrown out the window, according to the "progressives." This is an historic time. Once again, there are those who would throw out the baby with the bathwater in order to solve a "perceived" (propagandized) problem or give themselves more control and power over others. The Obama presidency is all about throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Refusing to acknowledge the basic premise of America's goodness and freedom, the Obama crowd would divide us up into two camps....those with "feel good" intentions of socialism and those who the cherish historical truth of freedom and want to build on that solid foundation. That solid foundation is not going backwards (as Obama continually says), but recognizing that history shows how socialism results in despotism and comes out of the mindset of control by elitists who want too much power over individuals. The basic precepts are really so simple that those of us who do look into these issues can become frustrated by the seeming success of propagandizing of children and an uneducated public.

Try not to be discouraged, friends. Hang onto your hat, though. The ride is likely to be very bumpy and not much fun. But if you give up, you will take the rest of us down with you. Keep bailing. It is going to take an army of civilians to keep this ship from going down into the darkness of failed socialist trash heaps of history or entering into the mentally insane worlds of Chavez and Castro, just to name two.

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