Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Just a thinking aloud....
Did it ever occur to those Obama voters that the 14 trillion dollar debt is exactly the plan he wants. If debt were a problem to socialists, do you think they would have voted for the huge spending bills to the tune of Obama with his signature putting the icing on the cake? He whines about how all of this debt is Bush's fault and how poor fellow Obama is just having to do all of these things to counter Bush's mistakes. Hmmmmm. In your life, if you have unsustainable debt, do you turn around and borrow boatloads more money? Instead of bailing the water out of the boat to save yourselves, do you bail water out of the lake INTO the boat to sink it faster? So even if Bush was the "mistaken spender," how is it that Obama is increasing the spending / debt by four times Bush's debt? Is that change? Or is that double down on the mistakes? This is national suicide with Obama as Kevorkian administering the cyanide, i.e. fiddling while Rome is burning.

So think about it. What is the plan? If you think Obama is so smart, then can you explain the logic behind his actions? Let's say he is so smart, then you have to admit that he is doing exactly what he intends to do. That is, submerge the nation in debt so high that the nation will eventually implode into bankruptcy or chaos or worse. The good news is that his hand is shown. The hands of all of the socialists / communists in our government are now on the table. You know who they are. Are you going to waltz happily into the future, paying for his entitlements and regulations that are drowning our nation? Do you think his plan is how you want your children and grand-children to live? Paying for Obama's socialist / communist tyranny that you voted into the Presidency?

Oh, maybe you think he is going to make "the rich" pay for this and your family is immune to the pain. So Kevorkian shows up and offers a "pain free" death to the nation's children, and you say what? Gee, that's O.K. As long as there is no pain? What makes you think Obama's plans don't come with pain for you and your family? How many people are out of work? How many businesses have gone under? How many hospitals are closing? How many doctors are retiring early? What is the value of your house right now compared to two years ago? (and no....the mortgage debacle wasn't Bush.....that was Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, tweedle dumb and tweedle dee of the Fannie and Freddie debacle begun by another global socialist named Jimmy Carter and put on steroids by the Clinton global socialist machine.) Was that house part of your retirement or inheritance for your family when you passed on? What will those children have at that point? Is your health insurance rate going up?

Now I am asking myself, do Obama voters even understand any of the implications and consequences of anything Obama has done? Or care? Probably not.

Sorry.....just thinking aloud. Must have been a brain freeze.

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