Saturday, November 10, 2012


If the book of life is written by God, as I believe it is, then the books of the anti-Christ are the mirror opposite image of what God intended for each of us personally.  And the books of the anti-Christ are proliferating as the centuries wear on.  Satan is locked into the competition by his arrogance against God.  According to the Bible, he is the most beautiful creature, alluring to all who are tempted by his charisma. 

So if you are a believer, what do you think Satan would do to compete with our everlasting Creator of heaven and earth?  Obviously Satan knows a little bit about human nature.  He knows that people love to cling to a faith in something greater than themselves.  He knows people are vulnerable to false prophets, leaders who lie and cheat, bribe and love power over others.  He knows that Jesus has been missing for a long time.  He knows that the God who spoke with Moses has been absent from our earth for ages.  He knows he has free reign here on earth to test the Lord's people as much as he wants.  

Satan is a multifaceted creature who, for lack of a better phrase, knows all the tricks in the book.  Back to the book,  I speak of the Bible that describes all of the tricks.  The major trick is deception.  Once you catch on to Satan's major trick of deception, the challenge for believers is finding the truth.  When Satan has captured so many deceivers who live among us, he has managed to divide those deceived from those who know and search for the truth.  And here we are, living among millions of the deceived and wondering if God is finally going to step in and save the day.

You might wonder what sent me in this direction today.  It was THIS about Climate Change Hysteria 

"On Thursday, outgoing Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) told MSNBC that the Republican Party suffered at the polls because of its "abysmal stupidity" on climate change. "

Isn't that nice of ole Barney.  Calling the Republican Party "abysmally stupid" is a trademark of the Alinsky left.  The Republican Party in its national platform this year rejected Agenda 21 and all in it that is based on "Climate Change."  And thank God they did.  Agenda 21 and Climate Change aren't at all about environmentalism, and if I may turn the tables on ole Barney, only the "abysmally stupid" would believe that it is. 

A little history here:  The Global Socialists weren't managing to get control of our lives fast enough.  They were growing impatient with freedoms and Christians who believe God's words.  "Something must be done about it!"  You can almost put yourself in the room with the cabal and hear them saying, "What must we do?"  "Those damn Americans are doing too well and stand in our way!!"  "Aha," says Maurice Strong as the others in the room bent closer to hear his fantastic great idea!  "We'll unite the whole world by making people feel guilty about using the world's resources for their prosperity."  "Americans are mostly Christians who thrive on guilt for their sins anyway, so they'll buy it, lock, stock, and barrel!"  "I," Maurice Strong, "have lots of money and hold the keys to the UN in my hands."  "If you will all chip in, we'll hand out grants to the scientists to prove we are right!"  "I'll convince the UN to come up with future environmental disaster scenarios caused by prosperity (specifically prosperous Western civilization), and they won't be able to deny their terrible sins against the planet!!"  "Great idea!"say David Rockefeller, Michail Gorbechav and the others. The rest of the participants in the room raised their glasses to cheer the brilliance of the idea!  Such was the deliriously happy little Club of Rome on that day.  The plan for a global deception was put in motion.

Off to the presses goes Maurice Strong to begin the New Testament of the Planet.  He wrote the first Chapter in 1972 called, "The Limits to Growth: A Report for the Club of Rome's Project on the Predicament of Mankind."  He didn't stop there.  In fact, he hasn't stopped at all yet.  If you google "Maurice Strong, Club of Rome, environmental publications," lots and lots of information is out there.  His disciples include the likes of Ted Turner, who recently said he was glad to hear that U.S. servicemen were committing suicide.  That sounds really Godly, now doesn't it?  He would be just one of the cabal, though.  You can find them if you look.  Prince Phillip wants to be "reincarnated as a deadly virus" so he can kill off as many of us as possible.

The chapters and books keep proliferating, authored by those who like to think they are in on the "New World Order."   The media has all been brought and bought.  American schools are now indoctrination centers for the globalist agenda.  Corporations are pulled in with government bribes.  Economic punishments akin to the medieval Catholic indulgences are being forced on all of us.  You WILL pay for your sins against the cabal and the earth.

Agenda 21 is a 40 Chapter treatise from the UN to implement Maurice Strong's and his buddies' version of the New Commandments for Gaia believers in the New Testament.  Trust me, "free will" is not to be found here.  Rights given only by our Creator?  Nah.  Rights restricted, not granted.

This story is long and riddled with unfathomably wealthy people who, instead of just using their money and influence to improve man's lot in life, spend their days trying to figure out how to get rid of "too many people" and destroying Judeo-Christian beliefs in the world.  Sounds like a backward mirror image of God's word to me.

That is my Sunday contemplation for today. Americans bought more of the deception in last Tuesday's election.  

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Hat Tips: 
Founded in 1968, the Club of Rome self-righteously describes itself as "a group of world citizens, sharing a common concern for the future of humanity." Its membership includes current and former Heads of State, high-level politicians and government officials, diplomats, scientists, environmentalists, economists, business leaders, influential bureaucrats and technocrats from around the globe.
Many of the pernicious ideologies and concepts now plaguing the world come out of this "non-governmental," "non-political," "Think Tank." Thus, for instance, the insidious concept of "environmental sustainability," which is the bedrock of the Radical Environmental Movement, was first aired in the Club of Rome's viscous little 1972 book entitled "The Limits to Growth." It is a book considered to be the most successful environmental publication ever produced and whose "radical and forward thinking" and influence was such that it propelled the Club of Rome to its current pre-eminent position in the Radical Environmental Movement and as a major "consultant" to the United Nations.

Article by Alan Caruba on Maurice Strong

This just arrived from another source...evidently the UN is now producing commercials to promote Agenda 21 showing old people who seem ready to kick the can by saying, "I have lived a good life."  Time to give it up, I guess. 


  1. So few understand. So few beleive that something so diabolocal could really be going on. There is maybe some signs of awakening, however. I don't know if you arre seeing the same thing, Cherly, but my old posts on Agenda 21 have been getting a lot of hits the last two months.
    I am going to be attacking this same theme from a different angle (the banksters) in the coming days. And, I will use this post of yours as this Saturday's Guest post.

  2. I learned after I put that video up that Glenn Beck is producing them to make the point about what Agenda 21 is really promoting. Good tactic I think...but I didn't know what that was when I put it up there.

    I guess, Jim, again we have to blame the media and the education system. Many people are totally unaware of this globalist scheme and how deep our government has bought into it. It is still hard, even with all the facts, to get people to see what is right in front of their noses. Good for you on the money issue. I just read today that Hillary committed 2 billion more of our money to the Rio Treaty with more promised in the future. You know the money issue so much better than I do...but the bottom line is our nation will be sucked dry and then the globalists just step right in. The machine is being put in place with UN so-called military and our own military being taught to rule over us in our own towns if there is dissent.

    Some days I just don't see how we will survive this onslaught. Too many in government have bought into all of both parties.
    Thanks for all your good work in getting the word out....
    It's all we can do.