Wednesday, November 7, 2012


That title of that song came into my head this morning.  You know, the Bonnie Raitt song from the '90's, "I Can't Make You Love Me If You Don't."  America is a living, breathing, system of life that has just been rejected by half of the people who live on this land.  As an American, I feel jilted.  Teased, lied to, economically raped, and jilted by 50%+ of the people who live here.  I may be reduced to using the phrase, "Those people."  "Those people" do not love America, do not love freedom, do not love this nation of opportunity.  "Those people" have bought into dependency and deceit, corruption and power over others.

In 2008, when Obama was elected and the Republicans put up the worst possible candidate ever, I remember thinking, "This is some kind of a bad joke."  Well, the joke is bad, not funny, and is not over. 

You are seeing what happens to freedom when communist ideology is taught to our children for multiple decades, when masses of illegal immigrants pour into America with no allegiance to our Constitution, when the argument for freedom is obliterated by false premises, and when the lessons of history are lost. 

Barack Obama represents the antithesis of the American Constitution.  And evidently 50%+ of the voters in this nation are just fine with that.  Astounding.  But "get used to it,"  I tell myself.  The tipping point came and went.  We just went over the cliff.  The glimmer of hope that was the Romney-Ryan ticket was just that, a glimmer.  But it wasn't to be.  No light at the end of the tunnel...even a glimmer was rejected.

Twice now.  The past two election seasons the Republicans have put a "moderate" left-leaning candidate up for election.  And twice now the nation has rejected them.  My opinion is that the "moderate" is no substitute for the real thing.  The "moderate" is nothing more than a cheaper version of the Democrat.  What is the point?  I don't know if there were conservatives who stayed home and didn't vote for that reason....or if there are just not enough conservatives to matter anymore.  I do know the left defined Mitt Romney.  In fact, George Soros early on said there was basically no difference between Romney and Obama.  What does that tell the Republican leadership?  Or were they even paying attention to that. One thing I might add here is that "neo-cons" are not winning these elections.

I'm hearing from family and friends who are more than disappointed.  More like being hit in the solar plexis.  Gut wrenching pain.  I hesitate to say that when I know it makes the left jump up and down with glee.  The feeling I have today and had in 2008 is just like the rejection I have felt from being jilted by a lover.  Gut wrenching pain.  I love my America.  I loved my fellow Americans.  Now what? Who are "those people?"

The Dow is down 315 points as I write this.  The pain is not going to stop today.  It is just beginning.  The cure for that pain is to take a different path, get a new attitude, thank God for the lesson, move away from those who mock you, stick to who you are, lick your wounds, but pick yourself up and keep going.  Learn you are not powerless.  Live your life the best you can under the circumstances.  Don't "get over it."  Take the lesson in.  Realize "those people" do not love the America you love.  They don't even know what that means. 

We have maybe three choices.  #1. Just go along to get along and learn to play the dependency game.  This involves swallowing your principles and just soak the government (and your grandchildren) for all its worth.....which is not my recommendation.  #2. Keep on fighting for what we know is right.  #3. Hunker down and try to ride it out.  The last two choices may be combined somehow.  I'm working on that as I write.

Other bad news:  Mia Love lost.  Allen West lost.  (?? Update: Today, Nov. 9th, I am hearing that one is in recount and may go to court.) The Senate continues to be held by Democrats.  Elizabeth Warren, for God's sake?  Really?  The lying, self-aggrandizing, all government all the time, Elizabeth Warren?  That alone is so disgusting as to make you realize there are idiots in Massachusetts.  All in all a lot of thugs won and some very good and decent people lost.  

Today is not the day to pick yourself up.  Today is the day to lick wounds and absorb the bad news.  I think some inner healing will have to take place before we can gather our strength again.  Meanwhile...get the message:  You can't make someone love America if they don't.  You have to overwhelm "those people" who don't love America and remove them from power.  We are in an ideological war.  A psychological war.  An economic war.  And the war is forced upon us from enemies within our nation.  We know who they are.  Slaves of the Federal government.  They want to be slaves?  They want you and your children to be slaves right along with them.  Idiots.

I'm not sure what small little treasured experience comforts you in bad times.  But whatever it is, do it today.  Hot chocolate?  Fried mashed potato cakes?  A long hot bath?  Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  A hot fudge sundae at Dairy Queen?  Well...I just mentioned a few of mine.  Whatever it takes for you, do it. 

I think we are done.  Stick a fork in America.  At least today, I have to say that.  I am also spending a good bit of mental energy wondering what God has in mind.  That is to say, we have not been raptured and we are still here, so I will be spending some time reflecting on what to do next.  Same with you, I guess.  We'll talk again soon.....I hope.


  1. My dear Cheryl, you have expressed the sentiments so many of us are feeling perfectly. The pain, the sorrow, the sadness semm overwheming. But these feelings will soon change to anger. The America we love is done for now. But, the true Americans that remain will not give up. We who love what America was supposed to be, who love freedom, who love our children and grandchildren will continue to fight the evil that has taken over our beloved country. That is who we are. That is what we do. We have no choice.

    Let the pain and the sorrow run its course. The resistence must continue!

    1. Jim....I think the resistance will have to figure out a new battle plan. Not at all sure what that will be, but for heaven's sake we have to realize the tactics of the establishment Repubs have been absurd. You live in a Communist country, yet there is no success of resistance there....right? I say that because when resistance is shut down, we will be sitting there like you, just wishing things were different. This election has emboldened those who will do everything to shut down resistance. We know where that leads. I honestly don't see much hope for the future of America right now. Not even a silver lining. Will keep looking for it and trusting that God has a plan...that's all I can do.

  2. I gave a shot at a post today. It was merely documenting another brick in our spiral downward. Not sure what blogging will do at this point. Almost half my readers are outside the u.s. I guess it is the comrade thing. Pakistan, Kenya, various middle Eastern countries. Guess they are enjoying it.
    You have done a post that expresses it entirely.

    1. God bless you, Bunker. I hope you don't stop blogging, but I understand the concern of whether or not we are yelling in an empty theatre. I really appreciate your site and your reporting with your opinions. But like you, I am wondering if we are just preaching to the choir and not getting through enough. Listening to Rush Limbaugh the past couple of days about how hard it is to vote against Santa Claus...makes me realize how far gone the country is. Interesting that much of your readership would be in those countries you mention. What on earth does that mean? Like you...and our friends, it feels like the end of something great and the beginning of something very dark and terrible....only doubled down on now with another 4 yrs. I'm sick about it. North Carolina went Republican, and we have issues here I can still work on with our legislators. Locally we have some seriously awful RINO's in our Co. Commission and our City Council. So much of what we are fighting is coming through Federal funding for corrupt programs...we should not be taking this money or buying in...but idiots keep doing it. (hard to vote against Santa Claus ..again.) The effort over this last four years for you and me...and our friends..has been enormous. So maybe we just need some time to reflect and get a second wind. I hope you will stay in the fight. Maybe that just means something else now...but I'm trying to not give in or give up. My very best to you, Bunker!! And by the way...I notice Crockett's blog has been silent for a while now. Do you know if he is o.k.?