Friday, November 2, 2012


 Has righteous indignation made a comeback?  If so, hallelujah!  It's about time. 

I was just reading an article about NHS in Britain regarding denying health care.  The writer made the correlation between NHS and Obamacare's Independent Payment Advisory Board. NHS Plays God  What struck me was the cold and calculating disengagement from individual needs and precious life.  The Progressives in leadership positions are hell bent for "denying" care, defense, or any actions supporting life.  What struck me is how much like the Benghazi situation the Obamacare set up is.  How so?  Denial of help and care to save lives.  There is a common thread. 

Last night I heard a caller on the Jason Lewis Show (radio) say that "Obama could have eaten a live baby during the debates, and the press would not report it and cover for him."  I thought that sounded about right.   I just read someone commenting on another blog that "Hillary could have taken a gun and shot our people in Benghazi herself and she would walk away unscathed, being untouchable by the press." I thought that sounds about right, too.

Today we hear that the King of New York City, Mayor Bloomberg finds the NYC Marathon event more important for generator use than helping the people suffering from Hurricane Sandy just a mile or two away.  Maybe just blocks away.  The stories of suffering in the area are becoming really dire. He is denying help to the suffering in order to promote the NYC Marathon.  BUT, Bloomberg today is all to deliriously happy to endorse Obama for a second term as President.  (and there is the exact reason I have not donated to the Republican Party in years...refusing to support RINO's such as the King of New York City.) 

Money and power have trumped caring for our fellow human beings.  Welcome to Fabian Socialism, a la George Bernard Shaw from the last century.... and Ted Turner, currently, who says it's a good thing that our soldiers are committing suicide. 

Are you as outraged as I am? 
Image below is a Benghazi time line of pleas for help and the actions of our dear leaders. Actually, it is too small here to read, so click on the link and go to Director Blue to read through it. 


  1. Maybe Queen Elizibeth II should disolve her Parliment and declare the American Declaration of Independence null and void and reestablish the English Monarchy on the grounds that we all have proven ourselves unfit for self governence.

  2. You might be onto something there, Jim. Doesn't look good here. If O wins this election tomorrow, or if we end up with fraud and chaos and no result for weeks...I think you could be right about "unfit for self governance." I have definitely hit the election exhaustion stage.