Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bated Breath

Like everyone else, I am completely full of anticipation for tonight's election results.  I'm watching polls and hoping for the best.  There are few races in North Carolina that are gathering national attention in the media.  But history will be made in North Carolina if Republicans take the State House and the State Senate.  That will mean for the first time in 100 years, Republicans will hold state congressional power.  I hope that means all that I hope it means.....but we will see.  

They say all politics is local.  This year, all local politics have national implications.  There are a few critical races I am watching more closely...here they are:

Rand Paul in Kentucky
John Kasich in Ohio
Marco Rubio in Florida
Sharron Angle in Nevada
Tom Tancredo in Colorado
Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania
Carly Fiorina in California
Nikki Haley in South Carolina
Joe Miller in Alaska

I wish Christine O'Donnell could have pulled it off in Delaware, but at the moment the chances look slim to none for her.

But the one I will be up dancing and celebrating about is Sharron Angle over Harry Reid.  I expect fraud to be rampant in the gambling mecca of Las Vegas, so I have no idea if she can overcome that corruption.  Acorn and SEIU are swarming the place and doing all they can to keep the slimy Reid in office.  If prayer works....I am praying he gets thrown out to the dumpster where he belongs.  I wish he and Pelosi could don orange jumpsuits and put their corruption to work on the inside of some Federal prison somewhere.  But my wishes are not likely to happen on that score. 

The one most appealing aspect of all of this is the national rejection of Socialism.  I suppose I should be thanking Obama for exposing the rats in our Congress and in our entire government who have been salivating over unprecedented power by anti-American, anti-Constitutional ideology.  Those rats have been ever increasing in our government for decades and it is high time to weed them out and put them in the dustbin of failed history with all other Socialists / Fascists / Communists. 

Anyway.....I hope you are all out there at the voting booths, if you haven't voted early.  I'll be up late tonight....and so will most of the country, I think. 


  1. Ahh yes Cheryl..I will be up as well..Looks positive for Cuomo here in NY..I Am not so sure about Savage..Farley (R) is very established here
    but more than ever people are likely to vote straight tickets this election..I will be keeping my fingers and toes crossed with you. :)

  2. Hey Carl...I hope we have lots to celebrate! I am reminded that the work has just begun, though. Good luck in New York. I hope that straight Rep ticket will kick out Cuomo and all other Dems.