Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Can you tell the election is over?  

Today, Eric Cantor pretty much said the President, the Obams, is happy to work with Republicans to find "compromises" on the tax question.  (to re-instate the Bush tax plan or to raise taxes.)  Compromises with Socialists.  

Today John Boehner said Obama and Republicans are looking for "common ground."  Excuse me, but I can't think of any "common ground" with Obama and/or Socialists.  But they will find some and Americans will lose some more liberties.

Today, the Senate voted for S 510, the Food Safety Modernization Act, which pretty much gives Monsanto a global lock on seeds and food production.  If Monsanto wants it, what does it matter what Americans want.  Right?  If Monsanto and the U.S. government want to control our food supplies, what do we matter? 

So, I ask myself, what is the point of contacting congresspersons to object to bills when they completely ignore us?  What is the point of a sweeping majority in the House if Boehner is helping Obama look for "common ground" where there is none?

In December the FCC take over of the internet is due for a vote.  Do you suppose our protests on the subject have any weight? 

So, all of the hoopla about tea parties and bringing the country back to conservative Constitutional principles is a joke.  There is no point.  It isn't going to happen.  Now or 2012.  You can't stop them.  I can't stop them.  We can write until our fingers are bleeding, it doesn't matter.  We can sing to the choir and get some small media coverage for our efforts, but we are not making any difference whatsoever. 

The power of the American people is gone.  2012 will be more of the same.  RINOs still survive.  Socialists still have their huge deficit spending programs.  The Constitution is dead.....or near dead.  The elected and the non-elected in our government don't give a rip about either the American people or the Constitution.  They are going to do what they want to do and we, we are just sitting ducks.  Sorry for the bad news...but reality has to sink in sooner or later.  Reality hit me today, smack in the forehead.  

I'm all for making huge efforts for the cause if it mattered.  I don't see how it matters.  Scream, holler, donate, work on campaigns, write the truth, and pray someone is listening.   You can put the truth right in front of everyone.  You can point out the lies.  You can prove whys and wherefores.  You can say the sky is blue and grass is green.  No one cares.  You can lead a horse to water.....as the saying goes.

So business as usual is back to the usual and we are again left out of the process, as usual.  Let's all sing Kumbayah and smile about all of the PROGRESS the SOCIALISTS are making.  Ain't it great?  Ain't it grand?  By all means, let's find "common ground" with Socialists.  And THAT is business as usual.   And that is how we got here from 100 years of Socialists engineering America. 

Can you tell I've had it up to my eyeballs?  Can you tell we have made so little impact with our votes that we are back to business as usual less than a month after the election??  Is it going to take another 100 years to gain back what we have lost? Or never? 

Can you tell the election is over? 

Looks like I am not the only one in a bad mood thanks to the Republicans doing "back to the usual" politics yesterday.  KE Campbell posted this on American Thinker today

And this quote from Mark Levin: 
"...[the meeting] was a mistake and I'll tell you why...Is there compromise or negotiations over the EPA's efforts to impose "cap and trade" on this nation? [No.] Is there compromise or negotiation over the ObamaCare legislation going on today? No. How about over the progressive income tax, which is [straight] out of the Communist Manifesto? No, no discussion on that. How about the elimination of a single federal agency or department? No. [Instead] we're negotiating on tax increases...but what's to negotiate?...We have already allowed the statists to set the priorities. Why are we negotiating with a defeated president and a defeated party, defeated in a massive landslide, a historic election? Why are we negotiating on their terms on our issues...rather than on our terms?..."

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