Sunday, November 14, 2010


 "Some years down the pike, we're going to get the real solution, which is going to be a combination of death panels and sales taxes. It's going to be that we're actually going to take Medicare under control, and we're going to have to get some additional revenue, probably from a VAT. But it's not going to happen now."  Paul Krugman

More sunshine revealing Fabian Socialists flat out telling you to your face that a government bureaucrat will be deciding your fate "some years down the pike."  Gee, and Obama said, "If you like your healthcare, you can keep it."  Who's kidding whom?  The exposure of the Socialist plans for America and her citizens is coming out in the open, the curtain has been once again peeled back, and voil√°....what do we have here?  We have Paul Krugman, one of the promoters of the "death panels!!" Not only that, but an admission that "death panels" are all about government money.  You see, your life is just too damn expensive for the Socialists.  When they take control of your money, your money is no longer used to protect you or pay your doctor bills.  It is used to keep more Socialists in the pink with fat retirements and benefits.  But not you.  If you are old and your body is struggling to keep going in what ever ways old age has set upon you, these guys want you gone.  No more glaucoma meds.  No more arthritis drugs.  No more cataract surgery.  No more walkers or orthopedic shoes.  No more osteoporosis drugs. No more bladder control meds.  No more heart valve bypass surgeries.  Of course you will be paying into that system for how many years, but it isn't going to be used to help you.  It is going to pay for government union dues and Air Force One trips to Mumbai.  You can face death panels while the Socialists have a picnic on your money.

So, who is surprised???  Not me.  The only people possibly surprised at Paul Krugman's revelations on the ABC Sunday show, "This Week with Christiane Amanpour" would be those who either have their heads deeply buried into the sand or simply cannot comprehend reality when it smacks them right in the face.  The impact of his statement probably went right over the heads of the useful idiots anyway.  

I have a former friend (or should I say someone I mistakenly thought was a friend) who's favorite saying on this subject is:  "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"  Except when it comes to herself and her family.   For her it is Obama, government unions and programs all the way.  I guess she thinks the death panels won't apply to her, just those business owners and tax payers she despises.  In fact, I'm willing to bet she believes those death panels would never touch her life, but those other know, those Republicans or Tea Party types.  It's an ugly and selfish disregard for individual freedoms she carries around with her.  I can never understand how people like this wish to destroy their children with such a plan.  But I digress...

Keep the sun shining!!  Let them speak!  Let the curtains fall away and expose them for who they are.  And let those who love Socialism sooooo much move away from America to some other corrupt land where they can live out their nightmares using their own lives....not ours.  In fact, I'd vote to deport them to Socialist Europe or possibly Russia post haste.  (If we had a time machine, I'd suggest moving them to Stalin's USSR moment in time.) There is no room here for Socialists.  They truly don't belong here.  Since they really don't like America anyway, why are they here?  Why would someone live in a place one dislikes and disrespects? Since they want the nanny state government to take care of them, let them go where there is a nanny state and see how they like it.  And oh, by the way, the nanny is Nurse Ratchet combined with Freddie Krueger.  Won't it be fun?!! 

So thanks, Krugman.  Keep talking.  Run your mouth loud and often on all of the media outlets who will expose you.  I hope you and Obama (Pelosi and the rest of the Socialists in Congress) never shut up.....all the way to the moment when you realize that America rejects everything you say and for which you stand.


  1. Krugman. They ought to put a muzzle on that lap dog to keep him from yapping so much. The pathetic thing about Krugman is that he believes all the lies of the Fabian socialist; what I mean to say is that he doesn't know they are lies. He's just another useful idiot.

    BTW that not the sand where they have their heads buried. It's a much darker and smellier place.


  2. I'm glad he's out there spilling his guts. Sooner or later they slip up and actually say out loud what they are planning to do....and that is exactly what we need in order to educate people.

    Yep..on the location of their heads, but since I am not Ann Coulter, I could not say that out loud!
    Cheers back to you!!!

  3. You said: Since they really don't like America anyway, why are they here?

    They aren't here to "be in" America. They are here to transform it into the ugliness of their Socialist vision. They want the wealth, resources, and acreage. You can substitute the word "conquer" for the word B.O. used: "transform".

  4. Oh, Dean...sometimes I just want to scream, "GET OUT OF HERE!!" They need to leave. True, I realize they are here for theft of all those things you mention. I think I am in the venting mode with that post and today. I am losing patience.

    Hang in there with me...