Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I came across this video quite by accident the other day as I was thinking to myself, "Stop The World I Want To Get Off." Seriously, that line came into my mind (don't ask) and I googled it....and when I did, up popped this video. (Hat tips to Anthony Newley, the British song writer and singer behind the play, "Stop The World I Want To Get Off") I realize this song is directed at the British political system, not the U.S. (and the heavy British accents make it a little difficult to catch the lyrics, though if you watch it more than once you'll pick it up. The last line promises "free false teeth to all!" referring to socialized health care.) Nevertheless, it seemed so apropos to our current political class in the U.S. (and elsewhere) that I just couldn't resist sharing it.

The "opportunist candidate" in the video is Mr. Littlechap who, interestingly enough, remarks on the Chinese having the bomb and references Chinese laundry and Asian nights in our futures. That song was sung in 1966. Here we are 44 years later and I have to ask...is anyone surprised about the Chinese taking us down economically? Really? Is there anyone out there in America, finding nothing but Chinese and/or foreign made merchandise in the stores, actually surprised at the pickle we find ourselves in? 

Not sure if showing this video will make people laugh and contemplate our fate as it did me.  The video is from the 1960's, which tells me nothing is new under the sun.  Forty-four years ago politicians were just as smarmy as they are today.  The difference between now and then is probably exposure.  We have non-stop media exposure to the Rhubarb Rhubarb Yak Yak Yak. 

Wikileaks exposes the obvious.

The Chinese were moving in on our Western economies a long time ago, with our government's complicity.

The American State Department, over many years, has morphed into a spy agency to try to figure it all out.  It may have always been so, as we know the foreign embassies in America have acted in similar mode.

Knowing these things after the fact doesn't change history or previous deeds, though it does give us perspective to stop repeating the same stupid mistakes.

The leftists and globalists in the American government have handed the Chinese the keys to take us down.  No, really???  Yes, really.

We have funded our own suicide.  No, really???  Yes, really.  (Just one example...cooperation with the Chinese and Russians and North Korea has allowed them to arm Iran, which threatens Israel, our only ally in the middle east.)  Why would we do that?  

Wikileaks shows us what American citizens have known in their guts for a long time, that our government has been inept and ignoring the U.S. Constitution for a hundred years.  

The question now is this:  What is the motivation for releasing the Wikileaks documents to the mainstream public?  Is the motivation to wake up America to get us back on the right track?  Or is the motivation to tear down any possible faith we might have that we can have a government that works in our best interests?  And if the latter is the motivation, which I think it is, who steps into the void?  The UN?  George Soros?  The Chinese?  The IMF?  In other words, is the Wikileaks release another manipulation of people...to make people  think what someone wants us to think?  If people cannot trust their own government, who do they turn to?   Mumbo Jumbo, Rhubarb Rhubarb, Yak, Yak, Yak.

(as an aside, I notice the pun of the letters U and N creating the UN-government.  It's a pun if you think about it.  It's a bad joke if you know what the UN is.....the ungovernment.)

Does mutually assured destruction, either with war weapons or economic weapons make you feel comfortable, give you peace of mind?  Are you more comfortable with a trade war or a trade system that ends in mutually assured destruction anyway?  One is fast and furious and ugly.  One is slow and methodical and ugly.  Power struggles are reality.  The question is how we go about them.  And while we go about them, are there principles of truth to keep us on the right path?  Is it possible to trade with other nations on the basis of truth?  Is it possible to conduct a sovereign government in a corrupt world on the basis of truth?  Do we twist our truth into lies to meet the corrupt demands of others in order to create what?  Mutually Assured Destruction? Who wants that? 

Wikileaks exposes the obvious.  It isn't pretty.

Reagan was right.  "This is the last stand on earth." 

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  1. Hi Cheryl.Hope your holiday was relaxing and fun..Yeah not pretty is right! A very ugly mess on so many different levels..Here is a link regarding the FDA's new power..The fear you have expressed in previous posts.