Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The election is over, save a few pending counts.  The House is ours.  The Senate is not.  The people have spoken.  If the House of Representatives is the voice of the people, then the people have stood up and shouted down the Socialists, big government, spendthrifts.  We have fired Nancy Pelosi.  And that is worth a little dance around the room.   The people have spoken out for freedom from the Nanny State, and from Nanny Nancy.  Hip Hip!!!  Cheers all around!!!

Remarkable things happened here in North Carolina.  Two in particular: the first Republican woman State Senator was elected, and our State legislature is now a majority Republican for the first time since 1870.  The campaign I worked on, with and for Kathy Harrington for State Senate, was successful.  She is strong on principles, energetic, well spoken, and an advocate for conservative government.  I am happy and proud to know her and to have helped her get elected.  (Heretofore, I have not been much of a political animal, but since the ship started going down, I felt it was time to step up and start rowing in some effort to save us. Her campaign was my small contribution to the cause this year.)

The majority party in our state gets the privilege of drawing the district lines for future national races.  I have no experience in that matter, but the importance of those district lines has come to the forefront of my awareness due to the national implications.  This is why all politics is local.  This is why Constitutional conservatives all over the country, from here on out, must get with the program and start pulling their weight.  If we could get rid of gerrymandering districts, not just in North Carolina, but all across the country, our chances of survival would be much better.  It is gerrymandering that has put 70 Democratic Socialists of America in our Congress.  Count Them  (Reminder...Mel Watt was reelected from a gerrymandered district and is one on that list of Socialists)  So ridding our country of the practice of affirmative gerrymandering is one answer to a lot of our problems.  Gerrymandering used to be illegal. It still should be illegal, but racial quotas in the form of affirmative action have somehow, mindlessly, taken precedent over our laws against gerrymandering.  Creating districts to put Socialists into our government is a big problem and must be disallowed again.  I can't say that emphatically enough. 

So here we are with Nevada's Harry Reid still in position to do more damage.  California is down the rabbit hole again with Moon Beam Brown as its governor.  There are not enough pyschologists who could ever explain California.  The place truly is off the planet.  We're still waiting on Alaska for the Miller / Murkowsky debacle.  Russ Feingold is gone!!  Alan Greyson is gone!!  Hip Hip!  

Now it is Nov. 3rd,  the day after.  Really it is the day we should realize how much difference we can make when we stand and fight back.  We made some healthy steps toward restoring the nation.  I'm still holding my breath, but maybe I'm feeling just a little more hopeful.  Just a little.

Rand Paul won!
Marco Rubio won!
Pat Toomey won!
John Kasich won!
Nikki Haley won!

To all the conservative, tea party, candidates who won, congratulations and thank you!  And now you must get to work!  We are counting on you!


  1. Hey Cheryl..Good info..thanks..I did not know the term "Gerrymandering". I looked it up and now see what you mean! Unfortunately NY went a straight Dem ticket as I suspected it would. The Cuomo family has a lot of juice here..Sounds like you did a great job in your NC elections! Now you can catch up on your sleep..haha
    Stay in touch..

  2. are not alone in that. Unless you had classes in government or civics and learned about gerrymandering, you have no way to know. I was fortunate to have those classes when I was younger. Pass that knowledge on to those you know. Drawing the district lines is critical to how we are electing which candidates to government office. And drawing those lines is up to the state legislatures. That means we must pay closer attention to our state elections.

    I did go back to bed and take a nap this afternoon....I think it helped a lot!! Hope you did the same!!