Thursday, November 4, 2010



Retribution is his, sayeth Obama.  There is a psychology behind this President that turns talking heads into bobble heads.  Before and after this election, I've heard the media wagging on, speculating about Obama's reaction to the voices of the people.  They go back and forth on whether he will move to the center out of pragmatism, a la Clinton.  Or whether he will double down on his communist ideology, dig in his heels, and go harder in the direction of coerced socialism to the detriment of his election to a second term.  I am betting on the latter.  Not because Rush Limbaugh says so.  Not because Glenn Beck says so.  But because Marx, Alinsky, Cloward and Piven, Lenin and Stalin, and Soros are woven into the fibers of Obama's brain cells.  And also, because I think Obama is a spoiled brat.  

What happens when you tell a spoiled brat he can't have whatever it is that he wants?  A temper tantrum ensues and the spoiled brat figures out another way to get what he wants.  You won't see the temper tantrum.  You will just see him sneak off to the back rooms to go around the American people.  Obama's mission is to take down America.  And he is not going to take "no" for an answer.  If he only gets the next two years to do be it.  In fact, at the rate he has been going, I think he can do it in that short time.  He doesn't need eight years.  The damage is already so great, it may take us decades for us to climb back from the abyss he has created.  But I digress.

How, you may ask, is he going to proceed in his destructive mission when the American people have come roaring back to tell him, "NO."  He has put the structure in place to go around every obstacle.  The American people are like irritating flies to him...hardly enough to bother about.  The Czars will do a lot of the dirty work.  His two communist Supreme Court Justices will do some of it. The corrupt media will still carry water for him.  The 70+ members of the Democratic Socialists in Congress will continue their unConstitutional ways.  And, he has the keys to the Federal Reserve.

He has just choreographed the Fed's dance to devalue the dollar, i.e. quantitative easing to the tune of six billion dollars injected into the money supply.  I could get into the weeds with that, but suffice it to say that Obama has sucked all of the money supply out of circulation for redistribution and needs more moolah to pretend we are still a rich country.  The politicos keep saying there is plenty of money but that the corporations are just sitting on it and not spending it.  If that is the case, the money supply is not the issue.  Government tax and regulation policies are the issue.  But Obama wants more taxes and regulations for his redistribution, so he is not about to ease up on those tax and spend policies.  

The illusions (or should I say delusions) of the Obama puppet master, Soros, continue behind the scenes.   More dollars....more bribes to hand out, more Wall Street hype, more happy banks, more pretenses that we have sooooo  much money.  Why, how can you say that America is suffering?   Nevermind that our dollars are now worth a whole lot less.  What does Obama care?  He doesn't.  It's all monopoly money to him.  All he has to do is follow Soros' directions and he can "manage the decline of the American dollar."  Soros' Plan for Globalism

Soros: "It is in our interest to reform the system"
Soros: "China will replace the US as the motor of the world economy"
Soros: "we will have a managed decline of the US dollar"

So Obama can turn around now and say, "See, I gave you 6 billion more dollars to work with, so you can't say you don't have enough money!" And for the leftists who don't like the banks and Wall Street, he can say, "It's O.K., I'll just make sure all of that money gets funneled through regulations into government programs to hand out to my best buds."   Lots more money, but money that doesn't make it to the American business sector or buy what it used to for middle class Americans.  That's orchestrated inflation folks.  The poor get poorer with inflated money supplies, but the rich get richer.  So tell does that jive with Obama's populist messages?  It's all about illusions and monopoly money.  

Obama is not about to change his stripes.  Those in the media who opine about whether Obama will slide over to the center to get reelected are kidding themselves and the rest of us.  The global communist is so entrenched into Obama that he is not capable of moving to the center.  That is not to say he won't throw a few crumbs out there to try to schmooz people into thinking he's going centrist.  He'll lie through his teeth to the American people to try to make himself more appealing.  The spoiled brat will do anything to get his way.

We are about to get slapped even harder.  We, the American people, are just like that fly.  No more than an annoyance he must destroy to prove his global power and show the world how he has put America down.  The hole that Obama and Soros are digging grows deeper by the day.  And Hilary is waiting in the wings to take the next eight years further into Soros' hole after Obama does all his damage.  It's going to be the fight of our lives to keep standing back up and sending them packing.  This is not a small skirmish.  It's more like the hundred years war.  

So in this election we gathered back into the government some political warriors who will help us and that is a GREAT achievement.  This election was a glimmer of light.  But the fight has just begun.  Prepare for the slap back and keep standing up.  

P.S. From Al FIN yesterday 
"Expect some very interesting times ahead, with two diametrically different visions for the future -- one backed up by billionaire George Soros, public sector unions, leftists in academia, billion dollar lobbyists and hangers-on, etc, and the other mainly led by a grass-roots Tea Party movement that did not exist two years ago."



  1. My hope is that the Tea Parties don't rest on their laurels. They must hold our newly elected congressmen feet to the fire. Congress controls the purse strings. If this new congress has the strength of character I hope they have, they can stop the President's czars in their tracks by refusing to fund them. The real threat, as you alluded to, is the Fed. The shareholder's of the Fed are the worlds major investment bankers. The Fed has, of course, always acted in the interest of their shareholders who also control Soros. Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done about the Fed until we take the Presidency and the Senate in 2012. The question is can the country hold out that long. The good news is these would be masters of the world have never come up against anything like the Tea Parties before. They don't know how to attack the Tea Parties and this will work i our favor.



  2. the world is going commnist or socialist and the incoming dictator will be socialist in nature

  3. Jim...I think there are some very committed, freedom loving Americans working on this Tea Party movement. It looks to me like the beginning...finally...of throwing off the socialists in America. At least seriously minimize their influence. It took them over 100 yrs. to get to this point, so I'm thinking it is going to take us a long time to undo the damage.
    The Fed....OMG...that is one complicated problem. Money is power.

    John...Hi...yours is the prediction of the worst scenario. The rest of the world may very well go down that road. But America, Americans, have a responsibility to light the way for freedom. We may not be able to export it, but at the very least we need to preserve it for our nation, our children, and their children. We are not in an easy circumstance. If we go down, I'd prefer to go down while standing for our Constitution and not just throwing in the towel because George Soros & Co. is pulling some financial strings to ruin us. I'll say it again...we have a responsibility here. It's hard not to be fatalistic and gloomy in the face of our challenges, but if we drop the ball now, I'd say we don't deserve the opportunities we are given and we will fail. Support the strong Constitutionalists in our country...and don't drop the ball!!!