Thursday, November 18, 2010


What would make you want to have an ID chip implanted into your body, your arm, your hand, your forehead???

Suddenly the light dawned on me last night regarding the reasoning behind the x-rays and groping at the airport. The public is outraged. The 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights on warrant-less search and seizure is, once again, shredded and thrown into the trash bin supposedly for the sake of "public safety." So let's ask a couple of questions.

First, why would a private citizen willingly subject himself or herself to strangers groping their private body parts? Why, on the same score, would that same person willingly subject themselves to x-rays showing their complete naked body in front of strangers?

They wouldn't.

But now, if you want to fly anywhere, the government is forcing you to go through these demeaning procedures. So, what would a clever Socialist do to make people want to avoid this? What would you do to avoid this? And if you would like to avoid this, what will be the next solution? Government ID chips proving who you are to the TSA would be the Socialist answer to save you from the demeaning procedures they created? Get the implant and all you have to do to get on a plane is swipe your arm over a scanner. You won't have to go through all of the groping and unwanted exposure.

Socialists are very clever. They know how to make your life so incredibly miserable that you will do anything to avoid going through their hellish procedures just to survive. So they concoct regulations to make you give up and give in. Between the Health Care Bill, the Stimulus Bill, and now this TSA assault on your private life, they have you nearly sewed up into their diabolical schemes to control you.

Easy to see how the Health Care Bill does this. They are making Health Care a bureaucratic nightmare and an economic debacle. If you want to "streamline" your health care into the system to avoid the insanity, just bypass the more expensive personal attention by health care professionals and hand them the chip to all of your information.

Easy to see how the TSA regulations are doing this, creating yet another nightmare for people.  If you want to get on a plane without all the hassles of groping and x-rays, just swipe your arm.  (See if that solution doesn't come up sooner or later....I predict.)

But what about the Stimulus Bill? Wonder where the cities got the money to microchip your recycling bins? The Stimulus Bill. Microchip technology is all over the Stimulus Bill like a rash. Government funding for microchipping things and people is covered there. Funding from the Stimulus Bill is supposed to enhance the government's ability to implement the Health Care Bill.  The Stimulus Bill and the Health Care Bill are like evil twins from the same parents, the The Democrat Socialists of America.

"Approved by the FDA, a class II implantable device is a "implantable radiofrequency transponder system for patient identification and health information." The purpose of a class II device is to collect data in medical patients such as "claims data, patient survey data, standardized analytic files that allow for the pooling and analysis of data from disparate data environments, electronic health records, and any other data deemed appropriate by the Secretary."

That was approved by the Ways and Means committee in 2004.  You might think this has nothing to do with the TSA, but you would be wrong.  The techniques being used by the TSA are simply mind control techniques.  You have to think like a manipulator.  Make the situation so uncomfortable that persons will accept your solutions to make the situation more comfortable.   

The ID chips planned for the public will not just carry health information, but economic information and citizenship information.  These chips will track your every move.  All you have to do is look at the gps technology being put into cars.  Look at the technology used to track your computer usage.   Look at the macro capability of technology....the tiniest chips that carry huge amounts of information.   These chips exist today The companies who want the government funding and the government mandates to buy and implant these chips are hard at work lobbying our government So enlisting the government to convince people to go in the direction of accepting implants of ID chips is in their interest and exactly what they want done.

When the Patriot Act diminished the power of the 4th Amendment to wire tap without warrants due to war time necessity, the left  (and libertarians) screamed bloody murder over the insult to the Constitution.  Now the left is hell bent for leather to rip the Constitution into tatters to promote their agenda.   

The steamroller has begun and we had better hang tough here. We are going to have to endure the assaults until we can vote out and repeal all of the insanity the left is creating in order to beat the American public into submission.  Call me paranoid, but there is something radically wrong with the TSA procedures.  Besides punishing innocent citizens for the crimes of terrorists, which is bad enough on its face, the TSA is working hard to create something much bigger than safety on airplanes.  Enemies both foreign and domestic are working very hard to take our country down.  Just my opinion.... 


  1. Yeah Cheryl this is where they are going alright! The FDA approved the use of the chip in 2004 primarly for medical reasons but quickly they saw more far reaching applications..of course they would!
    They said "chips implanted for medical uses could also be used for security purposes, like tracking employee movement through nuclear power plants." Yeah and so much more !
    One thing that influences me to cooperate with the hightened security is fear. It is hard to know how much drama is hype and how much is real..This much i do know..When I fly ( and I do often enough)I am worried if they are not thorogh in the security area of the airports.Still I am not ready by a long shot for a chip..not for medical..not for anything!

  2. After reading this last night, I decided to hold-off commenting. I'm glad I did because my first reaction was that Cheryl has been watching too many futuristic movies. However, after thinking about it I'm now inclined to believe that you may be on to something. Your description of the tactics they might use to convince people that implants were a better alternative is exactly what these Fabian style thinkers would come up with.

    The way your mind works, Cheryl, is beginning to scare me. I'm sure glad you are on our side.


  3. Hi Jim and Carl..
    I really hesitated to put that opinion out there...for two reasons. One is that it does sound as if I am some tin foil hat looney tunes. The other is I don't want to put ideas into the heads of the already diabolical power brokers. After looking into it more, I realized the ideas are already there, the funding and mandates are being put into place, and now they are just figuring out ways to make us submit. And if people think I'm crazy for being concerned about it....well, maybe they haven't read Orwell's "1984." But worse, they haven't read the bills!!! or the words of Obama's Czars.

    There is more to this than meets the eyes. I'll be doing some more research on it as time goes on. Remember Rahm Emanuel's admonition: Never let a good crisis go to waste." If you know that is how they think, and you know their motives, you will be able to anticipate their next moves. This is why we cannot let them have the keys to our government ever again.

    Thanks for all you are doing, too!!
    My best to you both!