Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's a sad day when people cannot gather on the street or in a Safeway parking lot to discuss the issues of the day without fear of some lunatic shooting people dead.  It is tragic for all of us.  It's tragic in all facets.  But I do want to say that only one person is to blame.  One person shot Congresswoman Giffords and the people around her.  One raving lunatic.

Always, in our country today, an incident of vile proportions turns the left into witch hunters.  The insane reactions from the left wingers, who want so badly to blame free speech and the Tea Partiers for instigating this crime, took no time in pointing fingers and blaming everyone who had nothing to do with it.   It wasn't Rush Limbaugh's fault.  It wasn't Glenn Beck's fault.  It wasn't my fault. 

I was watching coverage on Fox this afternoon, an interview with a Democrat Senator Lopez from Arizona, when she launched into an anti-tea party attack saying it was the hate from the tea party that caused this shooting.  Excuse me?  Is it too predictable anymore to say the left just wants so badly to shut down any opposition that when a crime occurs they jump immediately into blaming the right?  The other thing the left does, so predictably, is make everyone pay the price for one person's lunatic crime.,,,,i.e. it must be because of the Second Amendment, so we have to get guns out of the hands of the people.  So, lets see.  It must be those rabid right wingers who cling to free speech and their guns who caused Mrs. Giffords to be shot?  

Talk about profiling.  Talk about misplaced blame.  Talk about jumping to conclusions without a basis for them.  Talk about shifting responsibility away from the actual criminal.   Talk about bigoted hate rising to the surface. 

I don't know about you, but I am really tired of this nonsense.  If the left would follow the laws of justice, they would certainly know that speaking out on behalf of the Constitution and fiscal responsibility hardly qualifies as instigating murder.  The accusations have become ludicrous to the nth degree.   For the last few years, since I have been writing this blog and listening to all sides of political discourse, I have never heard one Tea Party individual recommend violence against anyone or in the cause of conservatism.  Not one.  Not once.  I have, however, been called an "extremist" and "too conservative" by leftists.  Why?  Because I try to speak in support of the Constitution and liberty.  That has become "extreme" and "too conservative?"  I can only imagine the threats that Limbaugh and Beck have to endure and the money they have to spend to protect themselves from left wing lunatics.  But when a crime actually happens, the left jumps up and down screaming that it was the fault of talk show hosts and Tea Party groups.

Inquiring minds want to know....when does the sanity start?  



  1. Sanity is not a part of politics I am afraid..This was another tragedy and a blow to all of us..It always sickens me to see politicians jump to use these incidents to make political hay..

  2. Hi Carl..
    I wish I could argue your point, but I'm seeing little evidence of sanity in politics. Actually, I will say Paul Ryan is stellar on ethics and convictions. Jim Demint, also. Chris Christie, another. There are a few. Just not enough of them.

    This kid who shot all those people in Tucson is obviously a psychotic of sorts. What a shame. So sad..
    Hope you are hanging in there, way over there..