Monday, January 31, 2011


"I have always given it as my decided opinion that no nation had a right to inter-meddle in the internal concerns of another; and that, if this country could, consistent with its engagements, maintain a strict neutrality and thereby preserve peace." George Washington - Letter to James Monroe, August 25, 1796

That wisdom from George Washington was written before the creation of Marxist ideology and the (League of Nations) now United Nations.  

I have on two occasions been asked if I would be an "isolationist."  That question implies an extreme position, as if one who would not want to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries would be an "isolationist."  This is the how the left construes its arguments, i.e. if you disagree with Barack Obama you must be a racist.  If you disagree that our government should mind its own business and should deal with other countries as individual entities with obvious opposite agendas from our own, you are an "isolationist?"  No, you would be a realist.  But I digress.

The rise of the Muslim revolutions occurring in the Middle East, the rise of China's economic power, and the orchestrated weakness of the United States are mixing up a potent brew of antipathies that cannot be resolved peaceably.  The leadership of the United States has been meddling in the internal political affairs of other nations for decades.  The fall of the Shah of Iran did not happen in a vacuum.  And the fall of Mubarak in Egypt is not happening in a vacuum.  The United States has now, and for years, been orchestrating revolutions in other countries, and, in my opinion, supporting the side of Islamic and Marxist radicals depending on the location.  You would ask, "Why would we do such things?"  Indeed, why would we embolden the strength of those who hate the United States??

Some years ago when I heard George Bush start talking about spreading democracy around the world, I ask myself, "When did that become the aim of the United States?"  Well, as it turns out, the word democracy is being used as a ruse for global Marxism.  If you think I am wrong about this, ask yourself if you think any of these revolutions have worked in the favor of the United States.  Ask yourself if the internal affairs of the United States are becoming more and more Marxist.  Do you think this is an accident?

In our ongoing conversation about the State of our Union, I wish our eyes to be open and truth to spread like wildfire across our land.  On my sidebar to the right there is a link called Mat Rodina.  It takes you to a blog of a Russian Orthodox Christian who really hates the United States and the "West."  Every now and then I take a look at his blog to see if I can understand his views.  Yesterday he posted a video describing the interference of the United States into the governments of other nations.  In case you think we are innocent bystanders in world events, you might take a moment to watch the video at the link below.  I think it is worth your time to see what our government has been doing with our tax dollars to undermine world stability and, at the same time, knock the legs right out from under our own foundations.  Using our own money to create Marxist and Muslim revolutions in the Middle East and in South America, our government leadership has deliberately used the United States citizens in an unwitting plot to "creatively destroy" the order of nations......why, exactly?  To give the United Nations ultimate control of the world, for one thing.  To create a global cabal of control over natural resources, for another.  To "redistribute" our wealth, for another.  You and I were not consulted.  What does that tell you about this "new" democracy?

I've tried to capture the embed for the video at Mat Rodina, but could not do it.   So you'll have to go to the link to see it.  It's around 12+ minutes, but worth your time.  It describes the "National Endowment for Democracy" and USAID, that your tax dollars are funding to foment revolutions in other countries.

Just as an aside, it seems a bad joke that it really didn't matter who you voted for..Bush, McCain, Obama, Clinton, etc.  They are all in the same cocktail when it comes to creating the one world government.   Drink it at your own risk.


  1. (OMG I agree with a TEA Partyer?)

    Ron Paul once said what the NED does overseas would be rightly illegal in US. What's happening in Egypt is not democracy, but another US foreign policy blowback.

    Ten thousand rioters in Cairo killing cops and torching building only serve to deny 81 million Egyptians their vote, so how is it any different?

    The statelessness and chaos induced by our brand of "non-violent struggle" peddled by people like Gene Sharp is just one form of violence to replace another, at great cost to the American tax payers.

  2. Hi bobby fletcher,
    One of the reasons I have pulled back from Ron Paul in the past is that my perception of him is that he is weak on the military. I believe in a very strong military. But he is absolutely correct on NED.

    I am just learning about NED and USAID and what our government has been doing with Gene Sharp's theories. I have found that writing this blog is affording me lessons that sometimes I wish I didn't have....this post is one of them.

    Bottom line is that Tea Partiers are trying to get our Constitution back into our government...and if you agree with that, then WELCOME!! Come often!
    Thanks for your comment!