Saturday, January 15, 2011


Now we hear the leftists want seating at the State of the Union address to be mingled. Mingled as in, let's put the Republicans and Democrats all mixed up together so the American people won't be able to tell the difference between them and the respective sides of Congress won't be able to express their objections or support en masse, as a block if you will.

Isn't that just ducky? Let's all sing Kumbayah and Hail to the Chief as the media and the left want to shut everyone else in the country up. Since Republicans won the 2010 mid-term election, there seems to be quite a backlash from the left. First, they want you to believe that Sarah Palin and the Tea Party movement is responsible for a mass murder. Next we hear about some silly "no labels" idea, where elections should take place with no party labels so the public won't be able to have any inkling what the candidate may represent. Now we have this ridiculous idea that if we just make the Congresspersons all mixed up at the State of the Union speech, the little children will behave better. It's sort of like separating the two friends who sit together in class. "Now children, you mustn't let partisanship ruin the President's speech." What grade are we in?

Notice how loud and pronounced the left has gotten since Nov. last year. They have discovered that they truly are a minority and they don't like it one bit. Their response to this revelation is: "Shut up and sit down."

There is a reason we have two parties. It is because we do not all agree that Socialism is a good form of government. And the RINOs who have shown themselves to be wolves in sheep's clothing, are on notice that they will not be tolerated as well.

According to a recent Gallup poll, 78% of Republicans want the Health Care Bill repealed. According to the same poll 64% of Democrats want to let it stand. Ahem, I believe there lies a divide. Even so, 24% of Democrats want the monstrosity repealed. The margins show that a majority of Americans want the bill repealed. BUT, we must look like we support the President in his State of the Union Speech. And we must not look like we are divided. So we must hold hands and sing a cheerful little tune so the country thinks we are all so happy and together.

If image is everything, the leftists are kings of knowing how to create false images to fool people. I'm sure the Socialists in our Congress would like nothing more than to put forth the false image that we are all getting along just swell. Hiding the truth is one of their best plays.

No, we are not all on the same page with the President. No, we do not think his spending spree should be allowed to stand. No, we should not sing Kumbayah, holding hands and sitting next to those with whom we completely disagree. We should sit with like-minded people and show the leftists and the President that we do not approve of his Czars, his Socialism, his redistribution, his drilling moratorium, his federal take-over of private lands, his take-over of car manufacturers, his vision for a Statist controlled America.

Congressional Republicans need to get a spine. This business of trying to look like we are all going to play sweetie pies when the entire country is going straight down the tubes with unfunded liabilities and massive debts that will destroy our children's futures is just absurd.

United? No we are not.


  1. "Congressional Republicans need to get a spine."
    Unfortunately they don't don't sell spines a Walmarts.
    You are making it hard for me to choose an article for this Saturday. That's a good kind of problem to have.


  2. Well, I hope I do have something here worth choosing. I check out your site most days and find something interesting each time.
    So many little time.
    The business about co-mingling the seats at the SOTUS is so typical of the deflections the left keeps creating. It is just another juvenile manipulation of the public. High time we act like grown ups and stop letting them get away with the nonsense.
    Thanks, nice of you to share with me!